Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! Devastating

Special quest Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the strategy to the highest difficulty, Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! Devastating!

Operation Escape! Full Success

Operation Escape! is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone already taken the challenge?

Whitebeard Pirate Crew! War Buddies

Whitebeard Pirate Crew! is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone give it a shot yet? Today, we are bringing you the guide for this quest’s highest difficulty, Whitebeard Pirate Crew! War Buddies

Clash!! Blackbeard!

A shadow descends…
For 24 hours only, Clash!! with Blackbeard on Extra Island!
Have you faced the darkness yet?

New Characters
Magellan – Jail Chief Warden

Chief warden of Impel Down. A talented warden, he managed to defeat Luffy almost instantly during his infiltration. Even Under Warden Hannyabal, constantly scheming for the warden’s job, admits that he’s a talented man; they work in tandem with each other during emergencies.

Eustass Kid – A Vow in the Great Age of Pirates: Pirate King

Captain of the Kid Pirates. He would kill a man as soon as they look at him if they mock his dream of finding the One Piece. Finding he shared this dream with Luffy, he had kinder words: “Let’s meet again in the New World”.

Bellamy the Hyena – The Bullet of Dressrosa

Former Captain of the Bellamy Pirates. Although hoping to win Doflamingo’s favor, he was betrayed and tricked into a humiliating defeat. Luffy, whom he had come to respect, accepted him as a friend – though Bellamy’s honor still insisted on a final fight.

Momonosuke – Wano Country Child

A child from the Wano Country. His cherubic appearance and air of innocence lead Nami and Robin to feel at ease around him. Yet, there is a precocious side to him: one that is calculating, and shows signs of genius.

Foxfire Kin’emon – Wano Country Samurai

A samurai from the Wano Country. His Foxfire sword style can burn through his opponents, summon explosions and cut right through fire, saving the Straw Hats from being overwhelmed by poison gas. His performance in combat would even earn Zoro’s attention.

Full-Power Shishilian

Captain of the Mokomo Dukedom’s Dogstorm Musketeers. His skills let him easily overcome the Gifters, one of the groups working for Kaido. He kept fighting after that, sacrificing his own fighting power to help Wanda and friends escape and save the nation.

Wanda: Kingsbird

A Kingsbird of the Mokomo Dukedom. She fought against Jack, later guiding civilians out of harm’s way in the forest. Initially mistaking Nami for one of Jack’s cohorts, she was willing to lay down in her life in battle, speaking tearfully of her love of country.

Dogstorm: King of the Day

The “King of the Day” in the Mokomo Dukedom. He once served alongside Cat Viper, the “King of the Night.” The two are now on poor terms – almost coming to blows at every meeting. The earnestness of their former lord’s son inspired them to declare a temporary truce.

Foxfire Kin’emon

A samurai from the Wano Country. By shouting “Poof,” he can disguise himself as practically anything–an “occult skill” he apparently learned by eating “a rare fruit.” Wano Country is closed to the rest of the world, and perhaps that is why his choice of disguise can often seem unusual to others.

Evening Shower Kanjuro

A samurai from the Wano Country. He went to Dressrosa to carry out his mission and protect his friends, only to be caught by the enemy. He then hid as he waited to be rescued, demonstrating his talents and samurai spirit.

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