Ongoing Extra Island Quests

Coliseum Executioner! Extreme Cowardice

Special quest Coliseum Executioner! is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the information needed to clear the highest difficulty, Coliseum Executioner! Extreme Cowardice!

I’m Now Your Ideal Type! Devilish

I’m Now Your Ideal Type! is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the information needed to clear the highest difficulty, I’m Now Your Ideal Type! Devilish!

Clash!! Lucci: Ultimate Radius

Special quest Clash!! Lucci is now at Extra Island for 24 hours only! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the information needed to clear the highest difficulty, Clash!! Lucci: Ultimate Radius!

Clash!! Nightmare Luffy: Nightmare

Exclusive 24 Hour Special Quest! Clash!! Nightmare Luffy! Has everyone taken the challenge? We’re bringing you the Master difficulty strategy guide for “Clash!! Nightmare Luffy: Nightmare” Make sure you give it a shot before time runs out!

Donquixote Family’s Children! Demented

Donquixote Family’s Children! is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone already taken the challenge? This time we’re bringing you the guide for this adventure’s highest difficulty, Donquixote Family’s Children! Demented

New Characters
Jack the Drought

Animal Kingdom Pirates, Lead Performer. He is one of Kaido’s group of right-hand men known as the Disasters. Known throughout the New World, he carries a bounty of one billion berries. He was strong enough to fight the warriors of the Mokomo Dukedom for five days without rest.

Shirahoshi – Midsummer Mermaid

The Ryugu Kingdom Royal Princess on her first trip in a long while. Dressed in a new outfit, she and Megalo innocently play with the fish of the deep. “We’ve come a long way, haven’t we Megalo? This journey reminds me of our adventure with Luffy.”

Full-Power Shishilian – Mokomo Dukedom’s Dogstorm Musketeers Captain

Captain of the Mokomo Dukedom’s Dogstorm Musketeers. After arriving at Kurau city, he orders the Musketeers to lead the townsfolk into the forest away from the rampaging Animal Kingdom Pirates. He then protects Wanda from an attack from one of the Gifters.

Dogstorm: King of the Day – Mokomo Dukedom’s Greatest Warrior

Mokomo Dukedom’s King of the Day. Jack refuses his request to end any needless destruction, causing him to take up his weapon again. For five days, the Musketeers fight during the day and the Guardians battle at night to hold off the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

Thousand-Armed Cracker

A member of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Sweet 3 generals. A Biscuitman, he is a user of the Bis-Bis Fruit. He hides his muscled, purple-haired true appearance under a brawny outer body clad in armor. Very few people know his real identity.

Vinsmoke Sanji – Germa Kingdom’s Savior

Third son of the Vinsmoke family. He found Luffy waiting where they had agreed to meet, and spoke to him about how he wanted to go back to the Sunny but at the same time couldn’t abandon his blood relatives. Then, at Luffy’s suggestion, he decided to ruin the wedding to save his family.

Baron Tamago – Pedro’s Arch-Rival

A fighter in the Big Mom Pirates. Fights the one who took his left eye, Pedro, once again in a fated location. He avoided Pedro’s Electro attacks with his electricity resistant tights. A user of the Egg-Egg Fruit.

Charlotte Pudding – Wicked Woman

The 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family. The real reason she wouldn’t marry Sanji was because the Vinsmoke family was set to be massacred. She’s half human and half Three-Eye Tribe member and possesses a distinct shrill laugh. Only her family knows her true nature. She’s a Memo-Memo Fruit user.

Zeff – The Ferocious Fighting Cooks’ Caretaker

Chef and proprietor of the oceangoing restaurant, Baratie. After being rescued from a deserted island, he opened Baratie. When Sanji left the restaurant, he sent him off with tears in his eyes despite saying that real men should part in silence.

Pekoms – Returning Home

A fighter in the Big Mom Pirates. He’s shot by Bege for betraying the orders of Big Mom due to his sense of obligation to the Straw Hats for saving his hometown. But thanks to his powers he wasn’t seriously hurt.

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