New Characters
Sengoku – Fatherly Buddha

Former Fleet Admiral at Navy HQ. While in Dressrosa, he talked about Rocinante with Law. Seeing that Law was struggling with how he should live the life that was given to him, he reminisces about Rocinante and tells him, “Don’t ever attach a reason to the love you’ve received!!!”

Doflamingo & Trebol – Those Who Pull the Strings Behind Dressrosa

One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and current King of Dressrosa, and a top officer in the Donquixote Pirates. While the kingdom of Dressrosa appears peaceful, these two deceived their citizens and forced them to help their shady government traffic weapons and more.

ChoBro & Carrot – In the Mirro-World

Straw Hat Pirates doctor and a Kingsbird of the Mokomo Dukedom. They were trapped in the Mirro-World by Brulee’s powers, but they came up with a strategy that uses it to their advantage. They worked together and stood up to Brulee.

Smoker & Tashigi – G-5’s Trusted Commanders

Vice Admiral and Captain of the Navy’s G-5 Branch. They form a temporary united front with the Straw Hat crew on Punk Hazard. Although they’re part of the Navy, their feelings towards the Straw Hat crew are complicated.

Ivankov & Bon Clay – New Kama Cheering for a Miracle

Former Baroque Works agent and an officer in the Revolutionary Army. In order to cheer on Luffy as he struggled to cling to life, Bon Clay started to shout words of encouragement. Inspired, Ivankov shouted along with him.

Mr. 0 & Miss All Sunday – Rulers of the Desert

President and Vice President of Baroque Works. Hands blooming like flowers stop enemies in their tracks, while a devastating sandstorm blows away all obstacles. It’s certainly not easy to escape their desert blooms and raging sands.

Perona – Celebrate the Wonderful Cruise

Resident of the ruins of the Muggy Kingdom attending a celebratory party and doing a flashy dance with the ghosts to the music in the dance hall. “Now this is fun! Yeah! Let’s party ’til dawn!”

Portgas D. Ace – Celebrate the Wonderful Cruise

Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates’ second division attending a celebratory party. He’s taking a breather by the window after enjoying the feast. He looks outside at the darkened sky, lighting a candle. “Good party. Can’t wait for what comes next!”

Zeus & Prometheus & Big Mom – The Leaders of the Land of Souls

Captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors, along with her thundercloud and sun Homies. Accompanied by a thundercloud and a sun, Big Mom looks like a true Emperor in all her rage.

Luffy & Law – Miracle-Making Generation

Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and Captain of the Heart Pirates. These young captains are members of the Worst Generation. The two of them have performed many miraculous feats over the course of their adventures, and now they’ll take on the challenge of going against Doflamingo, a man with Celestial Dragon blood.

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