Mystery of the Seven Warlords: Unfathomable

Mystery of the Seven Warlords is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the information needed to clear the highest difficulty, Mystery of the Seven Warlords: Unfathomable!

Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! Devastating

Special quest Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the strategy to the highest difficulty, Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! Devastating!

Rumbar Pirates!

Rumbar Pirates! is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone given it a shot yet? Today, we are bringing you the guide for this quest’s highest difficulty, Rumbar Pirates!: Delighted

Breed’s Sea Animal Circus! Full

Kung Fu Dugong and the Sea Animal Pirates are being made to fight against their will by the evil Breed! Release them from their restraints and show Breed what happens when you don’t play nicely!

Clash!! Doflamingo!

For 24 hours only, the Heavenly Demon himself has descended upon Extra Island! Who will be able to stand against the atrocities he leaves in his wake?!
Do you have what it takes to Clash!! with Doflamingo Donquixote?

New Characters
Akainu – Paramount War Hellfire

One of the Naval HQ’s Vice Admirals. His devotion to Absolute Justice matches his cataclysmic power on the battlefield. He showed off his flashy moves at the start of the Paramount War, all while stirring up discord within the Whitebeard Fleet with rumors of betrayal, and breaking through the Encirclement Wall from the inside.

Shiryu of the Rain – Blackbeard Pirates

Swordsman for the Blackbeard Pirates. Not long after joining, he worked solo to recover an antidote that saved the entire crew. He now serves as a voice of cold reason for the often free-wheeling pirates, critical of idiosyncrasies like their fondness for giant rafts.

Thunder Lord McGuy

Subordinate of the Whitebeard Pirates. Better known as the “Thunder Lord,” he traveled to Marineford to prevent Ace’s execution. The electrified sword he brought with him to the Paramount War was powerful enough to shatter Navy weapons.

Monet – Snow-Snow Fruit Woman

A mysterious woman who lives on Punk Hazard. She works as a secretary at Caesar’s laboratory. When Law asked to make use of her abilities, she took off her thick glasses and joined him with a smile.

Trafalgar Law – Second Savior

Captain of the Heart Pirates. As one condition for being given access to the lab, he helped attach some of Caesar’s crew to animal bodies. He also took out both his heart and Monet’s, giving them to Caesar to solidify his control over the island.

Luffy’s Winter Island Adventure

Straw Hat Pirates captain. He’s busy playing in the snow with his heavy coat on. “Let’s start with a snowman, okay? …Huh? A snowball fight? You got it! Just try and beat me!”

Kizaru: Neo – Man of Light

Admiral in the Navy. Tends to speak with a halting accent, making his true intentions hard to grasp, but in a fight, he’s on equal footing, even with Dark King Rayleigh. His motto is “unclear justice.”

Kizaru – Sojourner from the Sacred Land

Admiral in the Navy. He was drawn into battle by Luffy’s attack on the Celestial Dragons at the Sabaody Archipelago. Although Luffy and many other rookies engaged him in battle, his strength was too overwhelming for them.

Gecko Moria – Battles of the Great Era of Piracy: Strongest Underlings

The Captain of Thriller Bark. He prefers to have others do his dirty work, and his last-resort move is to take 1,000 shadows into his own body. It seemed like he was setting himself up for defeat, but the Warlord’s full power soon exhausted the Straw Hat crew in battle.

Mr. 0 – Battles of the Great Era of Piracy: Utopia

The head of Baroque Works. He won an easy victory in his first battle against Luffy, showing him just what to expect on the Grand Line. For all his fame and power, he turned to evil in the pursuit of his dreamed-of “utopia.”

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