Ongoing Extra Island Quests

Launch!! Whitebeard Pirates! Capture

Launch!! Whitebeard Pirates! has arrived at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge already? This time around we’re bringing you the strategy to the highest difficulty, Launch!! Whitebeard Pirates! Capture

Encounter! Whitebeard Pirates: Storm!

Encounter! Whitebeard Pirates is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone given it a shot yet? Today, we are bringing you the guide for this quest’s highest difficulty, Encounter! Whitebeard Pirates: Storm!

New Characters
Treetop Pedro – Former Captain of the Nox Pirates

Leader of the Whale Forest Guardians. In order to repay his debt to the Straw Hat Pirates, he accompanied them to Whole Cake Island, the place where he once lost part of his lifespan. He once again fought Baron Tamago because he believed the Straw Hats would guide the world to a new dawn.

Scratchmen Apoo – Problematic Pirate Alliance

Captain of the On-Air Pirates. He was called to Kid’s hideout along with Hawkins. Although he claimed he attacked Kid’s subordinates and destroyed the hideout simply as a precautionary measure, this enraged Kid and started a fight.

Basil Hawkins – Problematic Pirate Alliance

Captain of the Hawkins Pirates. He was called to Kid’s hideout along with Apoo. Exasperated with Kid and Apoo for starting a fight as soon as they met, he decided to give up on negotiations and leave, but was stopped by Killer.

Eustass Kid – Problematic Pirate Alliance

Captain of the Kid Pirates. He called Hawkins and Apoo to his hideout in order to form a pirate alliance. Although Killer warned him to be amicable, he was furious with Apoo when he destroyed his hideaway and started a fight with him.

Kaido, King of the Beasts

One of the Four Emperors, in charge of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. He created a band of hundreds of Devil Fruit users by using artificial Devil Fruits, but Luffy’s crew destroyed the Smile Factory which put a halt to this operation. When it came to talk of the Straw Hat crew, he became an angry drunk and sent his subordinates flying.

Ikaros Much – Rebel Fish-Man Pirate

Executive in the New Fish-Man Pirates. Dried Squid Spears are his weapons of choice, though their dehydrating powers weren’t much use on Brook or Franky. Undeterred, he unleashed other squid-centric techniques like Wings of Ikaros and Ink Double.

Tony Tony Chopper – Jumping Point

Straw Hat Pirates doctor, a reindeer who ate the Human-Human Fruit. During Jumping Point, he extends his long legs and bounds into the air to avoid enemy attacks and bring the battle to the skies.

Dogstorm & Cat Viper – Antagonistic Kings of Day and Night

Mokomo Dukedom’s King of the Day and King of the Night. Despite being on such bad terms where they would fight to the death just upon seeing each other, they share the same will to protect Mokomo Dukedom. They continue their quarrel, with Dogstorm as King of the Day and Cat Viper as King of the Night.

Cat Viper – Feast of Reconciliation

Guardian of the Whale Forest and the King of the Night. In order to protect their liege, he accepts the request of a ceasefire from Dogstorm after many years of antagonism. The people of Zou rejoiced seeing their kings shake hands and reconcile.

Dogstorm – Feast of Reconciliation

Mokomo Dukedom’s King of the Day. In order to protect their liege, he calls for a ceasefire after many years of antagonism with Cat Viper. Soon enough, he and Cat Viper, in the past his closest friend, have their arms around each other’s shoulders, reminiscing about their past adventures.

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