Ongoing Extra Island Quests

Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! Devastating

Special quest Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! is now at Extra Island! Has everyone taken the challenge yet? This time we’re bringing you the strategy to the highest difficulty, Intense Combat! Chin Jao Family!! Devastating!

Donquixote Family’s Children! Demented

Donquixote Family’s Children! is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone already taken the challenge? This time we’re bringing you the guide for this adventure’s highest difficulty, Donquixote Family’s Children! Demented

New Characters
Pound – Blessing for a Daughter

Former husband of Charlotte Linlin, the pirate known as Big Mom. He squared off with Oven in order to protect his daughter, Chiffon. As he saw Chiffon off during her escape, he gave her his blessings for her marriage with a calm smile.

Jinbe – Tea Party Intruder

Captain of the Fish-Man Pirates and a former Warlord of the Sea. He intruded on Big Mom’s tea party along with the Straw Hat crew. Using his “Tea Current Shoulder Throw”, an attack that uses black tea, he saved Luffy who had been injured by Katakuri.

Charlotte Cracker – Thousand-Armed Attacks

A member of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Sweet 3 generals. He faces off with Luffy using his sword “Pretzel”. He overwhelms Luffy with the infinite biscuit warriors he creates and attacks with Pretzel, cornering him.

Princess Shirahoshi – Promise of Reunion

Princess of the Ryugu Kingdom. Although she was sad to see Luffy and his crew depart from Fish-Man Island for the New World, she hopes to see them again since Luffy promised to take her to see a real forest once she stops being such a crybaby.

Charlotte Pudding – Summer Sweets

The 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family wearing a swimsuit. She leisurely rides a float while enjoying the sea. She is startled by a sudden wave which hits her, causing her to lose balance. “Eeek! I’m gonna fall into the sea!”

Sanji & Judge – Parting of Father and Son

The head and third son of the Vinsmoke family. Sanji saved his father’s life, but as Judge insists that he doesn’t like to have outstanding debts, he helps Luffy and the crew escape. Facing off with the Big Mom Pirates, father and son unleash their techniques as if they’re competing.

Vinsmoke Reiju – Germa 66 Peach Poisonous Fang

Eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke family. She once helped a young Sanji escape to the East Blue. And now, she stands in the way of the Big Mom Pirates in order to protect her little brother Sanji.

Vinsmoke Yonji – Germa 66 Jade Arm

Fourth son of the Vinsmoke family. Wiped out surrounding enemies by outstretching his arms, grabbing his opponents and swinging them around. He stopped Yuen who was trying to shoot Sanji down out of the air, helping him escape.

Vinsmoke Niji – Germa 66 Azure Spark

Second son of the Vinsmoke family. In the battle on Cacao Island, he picked up the fleeing Sanji and dashed through the enemy soldiers at super speed. With a smile and a “so long”, he flung Sanji and Luffy outside of the town.

Vinsmoke Ichiji – Germa 66 Crimson Flash

Eldest son of the Vinsmoke family. Appeared before Sanji just as his younger brother was surrounded by enemies while trying to escape with Luffy. He showed his intent to counterattack the Big Mom Pirates, and stood in the way of the large army who were after Sanji.

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