Smokey and the Captain! Roaring

Special Quest Smokey and the Captain! has arrived at Extra Island! Has everyone already taken the challenge? This time we’re bringing you the strategy to the highest difficulty, Smokey and the Captain! Roaring.

Shark Attack! Arlong Pirates

It’s Shark Week on Extra Island! Meet Arlong, Choo, and Kuroobi in their younger days and show them that Fishmen are not superior!

Perona’s Wonder Garden

Ghost Princess Perona has come to Extra island! Careful you don’t end up as part of her adorable collection! Be sure to stop by and- I… I… It’s no use. I can’t go on… I want to be reincarnated as a louse…

New Characters
Smoker: Autumn Rain – Chambres

The consciousness of Tashigi in the body of Navy G-5 Vice Admiral Smoker. This gives Tashigi access to Plume-Plume Fruit powers, but she has trouble fully harnessing them, causing the unwitting Luffy to call her “weak” to her face.

Tashigi: Sea-Prism Club – Chambres

The consciousness of Smoker in the body of Navy G-5 Captain Tashigi. Despite the change in looks, his instinct for battle remains intact, greatly surprising the unwitting Luffy. Luffy laughed at him upon learning the truth, only to face vengeance from Smoker’s weapon.

Rebecca – Blood of the Pursued Royals

A girl raised by a toy soldier. Her mother was the former princess of Dressrosa. They lived a peaceful life, but once Doflamingo became the new king, her mother was killed by Diamante. She has no memory of her father.

Toy Soldier – Thunder Soldier

A one-legged toy soldier. He attacked humans in order to rescue the kidnapped Rebecca, earning him a wanted poster. He almost never fires his rifle, preferring to use it like a club instead.

Baron Tamago – Big Mom Pirates

A fighter in the Big Mom Pirates. Unlike his team-mate Pekoms, he is pompous and gentlemanly in speech and manner. He’s also prone to cracking egg-based puns.

Pekoms – Big Mom Pirates

A fighter in the Big Mom Pirates. His Turtle-Turtle Fruit skills let him transform into a turtle with a shell hard as diamond, letting him survive taking bullets head-on. He can also use Color of Arms Haki.

Koala – Paradise Goddess

A swimsuit-clad soldier in the Revolutionary Army. Considering the tragedy-stricken life she’s led, the Revolutionary Army is a place where she can truly smile from the heart. She considers this as she enjoys the water. “I had to treat myself a little.”

Boa Hancock – Love-Smitten Empress

The swimsuit-clad captain of the Kuja Pirates. Even her two sisters criticize her personality, but in front of Luffy, she’s just a doe-eyed girl in love. “Just thinking about you makes my chest feel like it will explode…”

Baby 5 – Dolphin Rider

Servant and assassin working for the Donquixote Pirates. She’s vacationing on Summer Island with the dolphin she had her latest paramour buy for her. “Where are we going? Somewhere where people need me, I hope?”


A fighter for the dwarven Kingdom of Tontatta who uses the Bug-Bug Fruit, Model: Hornet. She leads the Pink Bees team, using her hornets to form a message for her kidnapped friends.

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