Alvida’s Romance

Take on Extra Island exclusive quests with a custom-built crew!

Let’s build a crew centered around these two!
●No.18 Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot
●No.76 Shanks

A crew to take on Alvida!

A crew to take on Alvida!

Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot is the most important character for taking on the Alvida’s Romance quest.
Make sure to include him in your crew.

You’ll receive Sanji as a reward after clearing the Baratie.
Power him up and Evolve him into Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot!

Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot‘s Special, Plastic Surgery Shot will cut your enemies’ defense in half for two whole turns! Alvida’s Smooth-Smooth powers make her a pretty tough boss to damage, but Plastic Surgery Shot is very effective at lowering her defense.

However, Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot‘s special takes a full 15 turns to charge, so the key to this strategy is buying yourself time to take enough turns before the battle with Alvida.

Alvida Awaits! Set sail for Extra Island!!

First just attack, lining up chains to take advantage of your enemies’ type weakness.
Keep an eye on your enemies’ turns and how many [RCV] slots you have, and try to take enough turns to get your crew’s Specials ready to use!
Sometime during your battles, Coby will appear. He’s got high attack and defense, so don’t let your guard down or you might find yourself losing!

Don't let your guard down!

Don’t let your guard down!

When facing the turtles, make sure to spend turns on purpose so you can charge your Specials!

As you progress, you’ll run into Master Assassin.
The skull and crossbones means he’ll deal a large amount of damage if he hits you!

Don't let your guard down!

Don’t let your guard down!

Use a Special like Usopp, Golden Pound‘s Special, Golden Pound to delay all enemies’ attacks, and use the time to focus your attacks on Assassin Master.
He doesn’t have that much HP, so you should be able to defeat him by lining up a strong chain. Once you’ve defeated him, leave one of the Armored Crabs for last.

Spend turns on crabs!

Use the Crab to buy the turns you need!

You want to be able to use Shanks‘s Conqueror’s Haki in the battle with Alvida, so make sure you charge it now!

Battle with Alvida!

At long last, it’s time to face the boss, Iron-Mace Alvida, Smooth-Smooth Fruit!

Alvida takes the field!

Alvida takes the field!

Alvida’s Smooth-Smooth powers make her pretty hard to damage!
Her attack power is also pretty high, so if you plan to attack her head on, you’ve got a hard fight ahead of you.

First, you’ll want to use Plastic Surgery Shot to cut her defense in half for the next two turns.

Plastic Surgery Shot!

Plastic Surgery Shot!

Alvida’s HP isn’t that high so if you get in a couple solid attack chains you should be able to defeat her in two turns!

Connect Combo!

Connect Combo!

If you can’t quite defeat her with chains alone, raise Shanks‘s level and use his Special, Conqueror’s Haki right after Plastic Surgery Shot to take care of Alvida and her Crew in one shot!

More Recommended Characters

There are characters other than the ones we’ve used in this crew which will work well in a strategy against Alvida.

●No.34 Cabin Boy Helmeppo
Helmeppo evolves into Cabin Boy Helmeppo, whose Special, Straw Doll of Resentment can reduce all enemies’ defense to 0 for one turn! However, this Special needs to be charged for 25 turns before you can use it, so we can’t recommend him as strongly as Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot, who only needs 15 turns to charge his Special.

●No.66 Enraged Arlong, Shark on Tooth
His Captain Ability doubles the attack power of every Slasher class character. If you can manage to get him for your Friend Captain as well, the attack power will be quadrupled.

Use Sanji, Plastic Surgery Shot‘s special to lower Alvida’s defense, the attack with a chain, letting a QCK type Slasher like Kuro of a Hundred Plans deal the finishing blow!

There are a lot of different strategies you can try.

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