Apprentices! Shanks and Buggy!

Pirate Apprentices Shanks and Buggy have come to Extra Island! Have you taken on these young up-and-coming pirates?

This time we’re bringing you strategy to take on Apprentices! Shanks and Buggy! – Masters

No doubles allowed on this Adventure

This time, we won’t be able to bring two of the same character on our crew, including for Friend and Helper captains. Up until this point we’ve been doubling up on advantageous Captain Abilities quite a bit, but we may have to kiss our quadruple ATK/HP boosts goodbye this time. That’s going to make it a little harder to come up with a solid plan of attack.

No clones allowed

No clones allowed.

Not only that, but something’s different about Buggy this time… he’s got a few moves we’ve never seen before, and gave us a fairly hard time. We’re going to go ahead and walk you through what we learned during the several tries it took us to beat this one.

Sub-boss Apprentice Buggy and Secret Boss Apprentice Shanks

In one of the battles along the way you’re going to run into Apprentice Buggy, and maybe, just maybe, you might also run into the secret Boss, Apprentice Shanks.

Whether he appears with Shanks or with two Cannoneers, Buggy’s attack pattern will be the same. Two turns after the start of the battle, he’s going to start hitting you with Chop-Chop Knife (Apprentice Version), dealing 1500 damage and randomly Binding one of your crew. If Shanks is there he won’t jump in with any special attacks, but the damage he deals is on the high side, so be careful not to let yourself take too many hits.

Shanks is tagging along on Buggy's treasure hunt.

Shanks is tagging along on Buggy’s treasure hunt.

We also thought the exchanges Shanks and Buggy had during this adventure were pretty fun!

What to watch out for this time…

We were pretty sure Buggy was an INT type Boss, so the first time we did this adventure, we decided to go with a PSY type crew to take advantage of that. We thought he’d only bind one character at a time, like he did when he appeared as a sub-boss, but he suddenly hit every single PSY character with a 1-turn Bind! On top of that, his pre-emptive attack, Chop Chop Slash 1 cut our HP almost in half right off the bat! We found ourselves in a very tight spot the very first turn.

Every PSY character gets hit with Bind!

Every PSY character gets hit with Bind!

We did everything we could, used every Special we had available, but once we’d gotten Buggy down to 50% of his HP, he shouted Let’s get Flashy! and buffed himself with Haste and an ATK boost. We couldn’t even use Golden Pound on him after that, and with the help of his ATK boost he made short work of our crew…

Golden Pound is powerless here...

Golden Pound is powerless here…

“Well, then,” we thought… If PSY types are no good, how about a crew without a single PSY type? So we went back to the drawing board and tried again, but this time we got hit with a totally different pre-emptive attack! Buggy used Chop-Chop Slash 2 to deal about 2000 damage and Bind our bottom right character for two turns.

And now for something totally different...

And now for something totally different…

After that we did several more runs, and figured out that there are three versions of the attack. The third one, Chop-Chop Harpoon, swaps all of our slots with [BLOCK] slots and deals 2500 damage. Which attack you get is random, and you won’t know until you get to the final battle, but it seems it’s connected to the other enemies he appears with. For example, Buggy will use Chop-Chop Harpoon when he appears with three giants.

A crew that covers all of our bases.

We put together this crew, to deal with whatever Buggy happens to throw our way (with a little help from luck)!

Covering every contingency...

Covering every contingency…

To help us against the Boss, Buggy, we’re enlisting Monkey D. Luffy Davy Back Fight and Elizabeth. With Luffy on our side, we’ll be able to take care of those [BLOCK] slots if we need to, and Elizabeth’s New Kama Karate Seduction will let us break the Bind on our PSY types.

To get the most out of these two Fighter class characters, we’re adding Petty Officer Coby as our Captain, and Jimbe Warlord of the Sea as our Friend Captain. With both of their Captain Abilities in effect, we’ve managed to boost Fighter ATK by 5x!

For the rest of our crewmates, we’ll add fellow Fighter Garp the Fist, who’s Special Meteor Fist Shower should come in handy for both recovery and some favorable slots. The latter will work particularly well with Coby’s Shave, which boosts slot effects for the crew. Combine those, and we can expect to deal some serious damage if we get our timing right. Finally, Usopp Golden Pound may still come in handy buying us some extra time to deal with large numbers of enemies.

Let’s go Recruit these promising young Apprentices!

The first thing we need to do on our way to the Boss is make sure our Specials are useable by the time we get there. You should run into plenty of Treasure Turtles and Daimyo Turtles along the way, so make the most of them.

Do be careful with the Daimyo turtles if you find yourself with low HP, however. They can deal more than 1000 damage, so don’t push yourself. You’re going to need to keep enough HP to at least survive the pre-emptive strikes from both the Boss and sub-Boss.

Take advantage of the turtles.

Take advantage of the turtles.

We ran into Buggy in Battle 2. He seemed to be looking for treasure. Sub-boss Buggy’s ATK isn’t that high, but he’ll attack every turn, and the Cannoneers are pretty strong in their own right, so you’ll want to take them out first.

Buggy makes his entrance!

Buggy makes his entrance!

In order to make sure Garp’s special is fully charged, we’re going to make use of Golden Pound, which has a charge time nearly half of Meteor Fist Shower‘s. Go ahead and use Golden Pound as soon as you get it charged, and take advantage of the extra turns to get your other Specials ready.

Don't feel like you have to save it.

Don’t feel like you have to save it.

At last, the moment of our revenge is at hand!!

We’re not feeling too hot about our HP level, but we have managed to charge all of our Specials! Buggy’s appeared with the three Giants, so that means he’ll be using Chop-Chop Harpoon on us this time. Sure enough, we start out the battle with a full slate of [BLOCK] slots and nearly half of our HP gone!

Chop-Chop Harpoon!

Chop-Chop Harpoon!

This time, however, we were ready. This looks like a job for Monkey D. Luffy Davy Back Fight! We’re going to go ahead and use Gum-Gum Flail to turn all of those [BLOCK] slots into [STR]. Next, we’re going to use Golden Pound to buy us a little time to get rid of a few of these enemies. Giants have very high ATK power, so we can’t afford to let them get any hits in!

Time for our Specials!

Time for our Specials!

We’ve finally managed to get Buggy down to half his HP, and the pivotal moment of the battle has arrived. Now that Buggy’s “Gotten Flashy” and given himself that ATK boost, he’s going to deal more than 3000 damage every turn for the rest of the battle.

We can’t take another hit like that, so we decide to break out Meteor Fist Shower and hope for some meat. As it so happens, our hopes were answered, and we got a pretty decent set of [PSY] slots, to boot. We’re still not sure if this is going to be enough to take care of Buggy’s remaining hit points, but we can’t afford to let the chance slip by, so it’s time to use Shave!

It's time to finish this!

It’s time to finish this!

We nearly succeeded, but Buggy still had a few HP left after the attack and immediately used Apprentice Pirate’s Spirit!

Invincible, you say?!

Invincible, you say?!

We thought he’d be impossible to take out after that, but we were able to use Jimbe’s Ocean Current Shoulder Throw to deal the finishing blow and send Buggy flying!!

Hard-won victory!

Hard-won victory!

Shanks never did show up, but we did manage to Recruit Buggy!

We Recruited Buggy!!

We Recruited Buggy!!

We got a new title, Youngster!!

Got a new Title!!

Got a new Title!!

There are many different crew lineups you could use to take on this adventure. Perhaps try Absalom as one of your Captains, and build a crew of Shooters. Or perhaps a fighter based crew. be sure to try a bunch of different configurations and see what works best for you!

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