Beating Tough Enemies

Now, let’s talk about enemies with high defense, such as the Armor Crabs and Plated Lobsters. These enemies are tough and can take some time to defeat, so we’d like to suggest a few strategies.

Characters who can lower your enemies’ defense.


When you run into enemies with high defense (DEF) or HP, it’s time to switch in a character who can knock their defense down a peg.

We recommend:

・No.18 ”Sanji – Plastic Surgery Shot



・No.34 ”Cabin Boy Helmeppo



Sanji‘s Plastic Surgery Shot Special halves all enemies’ defense for two turns. Use these two turns to achieve your victory!


Evolve Helmeppo into Cabin Boy Helmeppo to get access to the Special Straw Doll of Resentment, which will reduce all enemies’ defense to zero for one turn. No matter how tough the enemy, defeating them should be easy after that.

Characters with a high number of attacks.


Characters with a high combo number will be a big help against Armor Crabs and Plated Lobsters

We recommend:


・No.63 ”Hatchan



・No.45 ”Captain Kuro



Hatchan‘s combo number is eight, the highest of any character!
Armor Crabs have an extremely high defense. Even Arlong, with his high attack power, can only do four damage per turn. With Hatchan, you can double that.
When Hatchan evolves into Six-Sword Hachi, he has the same combo number.


At seven, Captain Kuro‘s combo number is also very high, making him another good character to consider. When he evolves into Hundred-Plans Kuro, his combo will rise to eight.

Characters with Poison


Some characters can poison your enemies.
Once poisoned, enemies will take a fixed amount of damage which ignores their defense for a limited number of turns.


We recommend:


・No.58 ”Don Krieg – Poison Gas Bomb MH5



His Special, MH5, can poison all enemies!
This strategy is especially effective on enemies with high defense but low HP, such as the Armor Crabs.
Also, using a poison attack at the beginning of a boss battle is a good way to start slowly chipping away at the boss’s HP.


By quickly defeating Armor Crabs and Plated Lobsters, you can take on more daily special quests per day and get even farther ahead in your adventure!

In addition, bringing down a powerful boss’s defense is an extremely effective tactic.


Adding characters with some of these abilities to your crew will be a great advantage!

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