Brother Soul! Afro Luffy

Brother Soul! Afro Luffy is coming to Extra Island! Do you have what it takes to step into the ring?

This time we’ll be bringing you a strategy to help you take on the highest difficulty, Afro Luffy Fight! Heavyweight!

Your Opponents

On your way to your climactic showdown with Afro Luffy, you’ll face his cornerman, Usopp as a sub-boss, and perhaps encounter the even rarer masked Chopper.

Usopp greets you before your bout with the Champion.

Usopp greets you before your bout with the Champion.

The sub-boss, Cornerman Usopp will appear in Battle 4, buying a little time for the Champion to get ready with a practice match. Most of the enemies in this particular adventure are going to be fairly hard hitters, so be careful not to take too many hits while you’re charging your specials.

Also, you’ll have a slim chance of running into Tony Tony Chopper Davy Back Fight: Mask, currently kidnapped by the Foxy Pirates. He’s crying and pretty upset about that, but he’ll heal you for some random small amount of HP one time. After that, though, he’ll attack, so be careful.

 Chopper's shout of encouragement.

Chopper’s shout of encouragement.

The boss, Afro Luffy will appear together with his Cornerman, Usopp. Usopp will start off the match with a pre-emptive attack, shouting that This hairdo will boost your strength: body and spirit! It’s going to heal our crew by 1000 HP, but it’s also going to scramble all of our slots with a combination of [DEX] and [PSY]!

After that, Afro Luffy will launch his own pre-emptive attack, using Brother Soul to make himself invincible against normal attacks for three turns.

Getting around this will be tough...

Getting around this will be tough…

When the second turn ends, Usopp will suddenly boost his ATK and cut the length of his attack intervals at the same time! Our one saving grace is that Luffy’s attack intervals stay the same. Unfortunately, after pushing Afro-Luffy a little bit farther, he hit us with Gum-Gum Flail, doing a massive 15,000 damage and wiping out our crew…

Gum-Gum Flail

Gum-Gum Flail

A crew to stand against the power of Brother Soul

This is it! THIS is the crew that will take on the Champion!!

A Striker-class crew

A Striker-class crew

Our Captain is Sir Crocodile, the Strongest Prisoner Ex-Warlord, and for Friend Captain, we’ve chosen to rely on Captain Kid. With both of their Captain Abilities, we’ ve managed to boost Striker class ATK by a whopping 5x, and reduce the damage we take by 10%. This time, the key to our triumph is going to be Crocodile’s Merciless Ploy: Poison Needle and the poison damage it can deal.

Afro Luffy will use Brother Soul to make himself invincible for three turns, but if we can get his HP down low enough, we should be able to shave off the rest of it with poison damage. The only hitch is that we actually have to be able to use our Specials by the time we get to the boss battle, so charging Specials is going to be very important.

As a defense against Cornerman Usopp scrambling our slots, we’re also including Armed Striker Unit Blue Pirates, whose Special can change [DEX] slots to [QCK] slots, and Blue Striker Elite Skypiea Enforcer who can do the same with [PSY] slots. Both of them are going to really come in handy.

Then, to get the most out of our full slate of QCK slots, we’re including Paulie, Dock One Foreman/Mast Specialist and Kaku Dock One Carpentry Specialist, to lock in our slots and amplify their effects. Finally, having the Going Merry and her 1.2x ATK boost makes us feel a lot better, so we recommend upgrading your ship as much as you can.

Charging Specials: the difference between Victory and Defeat

To defeat the Champion, Afro Luffy, we’re going to need to go into the last battle with the entire crew’s specials fully charged, and we’re going to need to hold onto at least 3,000 HP in the process. There’s no way to avoid getting hit by Afro Luffy at least once, so factoring in the 1,000 HP Heal from Cornerman Usopp, 3,000 is as low as we can go and still survive.

Turtles in Battles 2 and 3.

Treasure Turtles in Battles 2 and 3.

The key to charging our specials is going to be in the Treasure Turtles we’ll find in Battles 2 and 3, and the Daimyo Turtles we’ll encounter in Battles 5 and 6. Just be careful, even with a low-attack-combo character like Kaku, the Treasure Turtles will only last for two hits. Also remember to be careful when trading damage for extra turns, even the Porcs pack a surprising amount of punch!

Daimyo Turtles in Battles 5 and 6.

Daimyo Turtles in Battles 5 and 6.

Time for a rematch! We’ll take on the Champion with superior Brother Soul!

At long last, our comeback match has begun! The very first thing we’ll need to do is use [DEX] Slot Change [QCK] and [PSY] Slot Change [QCK] right after Cornerman Usopp scrambles our slots. Then, if we use Kid’s Steel Magnetic Arm, everyone but Paulie should have a matching slot type.


A more favorable playing field.

A more favorable playing field.


Now we’ll follow up on that by using Paulie’s Hook, Line, and Sinker to lock in our slots for one turn, and Kaku’s Mountain Wind, to boost our slot effects. Finally, with Crocodile’s Merciless Ploy: Poison Needle, our preparations for victory are complete!


Fire off every Special we've got!

Fire off every Special we’ve got!


If everything goes well from here on out, we should be able to beat him in two turns. First, take out Cornerman Usopp with Paulie and Kid, then hit Afro Luffy with everyone else. Just be careful: If your tap timing is TOO good, you may push Afro Luffy into his low HP zone and trigger the countdown to getting your whole crew knocked out in one blow.

Right on the line!

Right on the line!

After we’ve gotten him down far enough that Brother Soul‘s effects stop us from dealing any more damage, the poison will strike the final blow for us! Just like that, we’ve defeated Afro Luffy!!

Comeback!! We  beat Afro Luffy!!

Comeback!! We beat Afro Luffy!!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to Recruit him, but we did manage to get his Cornerman, Usopp!

We Recruited Cornerman Usopp!

We Recruited Cornerman Usopp!

We’ve come out on top and won a new title, Afro!!

Got a new title: Afro!

Got a new title: Afro!

There are a lot of other crew you could use to beat the Champion. Perhaps try Diamond Jozu as Captain and Friend Captain for a QCK-type crew with plenty of extra HP. Usopp Golden Pound or Sogeking could slow your enemies by three turns, running out the clock on Luffy’s Brother Soul invincibility.

With Humming Swordsman Brook‘s Special, Lullaby Parry, you can buy yourself another turn with the HP recovered and cut through Afro Luffy’s defenses. Finally, if you’ve managed to get Pell, he’s got a Special that boosts QCK characters’ ATK for three turns, and might be good to have along.

Be sure to try a bunch of different crew lineups and figure out which one works the best for you!

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