Buggy’s Counterattack!!

Take on Extra Island exclusive quests with a custom-built crew!

This quest has a lot of INT type enemies, so let’s build a PSY type crew that takes advantage of their weakness!
Our crew’s members are listed below!

●No.76 Shanks
●No.40 Gaimon
●No.21 Tony Tony Chopper
●No.15 Usopp, Golden Pound
●No.103 Yellow Striped Dragon

Try building a PSY based crew.

Try building a PSY based crew.

Shanks‘s Captain Ability, Hidden Aura will double the attack power of your PSY type characters!

For recovery, Gaimon‘s [RCV] Slot Storm will turn neighboring characters’ slots to [RCV] slots. You can get Gaimon as a drop during Orange Town!

Tony Tony Chopper‘s Hearty Yell has the same effect. Remember to keep recovering HP as you challenge Buggy!

The key to our strategy this time is going to be Usopp, Golden Pound‘s special, Golden Pound. Using it will delay the enemies for three full turns, so getting your timing right is important!!
You’ll get Usopp as a reward for clearing Syrup Village.
Power him up and Evolve him to get Usopp, Golden Pound.

The Striped Yellow Dragon has a very high attack power, so you’ll want to add one to your crew.

Set off for Extra Island, where Buggy awaits!

Now, let’s try our hand against Buggy!

First just attack, lining up chains to take advantage of your enemies’ type weakness.
Keep an eye on your enemies’ turns and how many [RCV] slots you have, and try to take enough turns to get your crew’s Specials ready to use!

When you get to the sixth battle, one of the enemies you’ll be facing is Assassin Master. The skull and crossbones that briefly appears over him means that he’ll be able to kill you in one shot.

Your first obstacle!!

Your first obstacle!!

Assassin Master‘s attack will deal 5000 damage.
If you can’t take that hit, it’s time to use Usopp, Golden Pound‘s Special!

This is the key to victory!!

This is the key to victory!!

When you use the Special, all enemies’ attacks will be delayed by three turns, so use the time to focus your attacks on Assassin Master.
He doesn’t have that much HP, so you should be able to defeat him before the enemy gets their next turn.

Once you’ve defeated him, leave the Black Armored Crab (or the Yellow Armored Crab) for last.
They don’t have a very high attack power, so if you’ve used Golden Pound in order to defeat Assassin Master, you can take this opportunity to charge up Usopp’s special again.


This guy is the Armored Crab!!

*A Black Armored Crab or a Yellow Armored Crab will appear here.
You can use either of them to stall time and build up some turns.

The battle with Buggy!!

Finally, it’s time for the Boss battle against Buggy.

Buggy appears with some of his crew!

Buggy appears with some of his crew!

The first thing you’ll want to do is use Shanks‘ Special, Conqueror’s Haki!
You should be able to take out most of the enemies in one strike.

Conqueror's Haki!

Conqueror’s Haki!

You’ll be weak against Buggy’s INT type, so if your HP starts to get low, use [RCV] Slot Storm and Hearty Yell to start recovering some HP, and Golden Pound to buy yourself time.


Be careful of timing when using your Specials!!

Be careful of timing when using your Specials!!

Quest cleared!

Blow away Buggy's crew!!

Blow away Buggy’s crew!!

More Recommended Characters

There are characters other than the ones we’ve used in this crew which will work well in a strategy against Buggy.

For example…

●No.36 Mohji & Richie are PSY type characters with a very high attack power.
You have a very small chance of encountering Mohji & Richie during Buggy’s Counterattack!!, so be sure to find, defeat, and recruit them for your crew!

●No.22 Tony Tony Chopper, Heavy Point is a PSY type character with high HP, Attack, and Recovery.

We recommend the following characters for those times when you need to be careful about the total cost!!
●No.160 Shooter Group Crew, Yellow Pirates
●No.173 Shooter Group Leader

Even without Shanks, as long as you make sure to charge your specials, you can beat this quest!!
Try out a variety of different strategies for yourself!

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