A warrior from the Tontatta Kingdom of dwarves. He may look small and childlike, but he is the leader of the kingdom's military corps. His Sew-Sew Fruit skills let him sew full-sized people to the ground.

Type Class 1 Class 2 Rarity Cost
QCK Striker Free Spirit 4 18
Power Sockets Combo Price Max Lv.(Exp.)
3 5 500 70(1,066,998)
Lv. HP Attack RCV
Base 1 131 142 54
Max 70 979 700 222
Special Haute Couture: Patch Work
Description Locks crew’s slots for 1 turn, delays all enemies by 1 turn, and reduces all enemies’ HP by 20%
Captain Ability Earnest Dwarf Fighter
Description Boosts Striker and Free Spirit characters’ ATK by 1.75x
Pre-Evolution Character Evolvers Needed Post-Evolution
Leo Sea Stallion
Rainbow Robber Penguin
Blue Pirate Penguin
Blue Armored Crab
Blue Striped Dragon
Tontatta Corps Leader

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Tandem Attacks

Tandem Attacks Description
Character 1 None
Character 2 None
Character 3 None
Character 4 None
Character 5 None

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