Ben Beckman – Red-Hair Pirates First Mate

Ben Beckman Red-Hair Pirates First Mate
Ben Beckman Red-Hair Pirates First MateNo.1769

First Mate of the Red-Hair Pirates. Always calm and composed, he supports Shanks' unconventional behavior from the side. His looks have changed since the Windmill Village days, with the scar on his face and his graying hair being his most notable features.

Type Class 1 Class 2 Rarity Cost
INT Cerebral Striker 4 20
Power Sockets Combo Price Max Lv.(Exp.)
3 6 500 70(1,066,998)
Lv. HP Attack RCV
Base 1 129 120 38
Max 70 1,190 735 209
Special Deterring Gunpoint
Description Delays all enemies by 1 turn. If Captain is a Cerebral class, boosts damage dealt to delayed enemies by 1.5x for 1 turn and changes adjacent slots to character’s own type
Captain Ability Emperor-Supporting Caliber
Description Boosts Cerebral characters’ ATK by 2.5x
Pre-Evolution Character Evolvers Needed Post-Evolution
Ben Beckman
Red-Hair Pirates First Mate
Sea Stallion
Black Pirate Penguin
Black Armored Crab
Black Plated Lobster
Black Striped Dragon
Ben Beckman
Red-Hair Emperor's Right-Hand Man

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