Charlotte Cracker – General Who Manipulates Biscuit Warriors

Charlotte Cracker General Who Manipulates Biscuit Warriors
Charlotte Cracker General Who Manipulates Biscuit WarriorsNo.2464

A member of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Sweet 3 generals. User of the Bis-Bis Fruit which allows him to endlessly create and manipulate biscuits. Since his body is usually concealed by biscuit armor, his true face is not even seen on wanted posters.

Type Class 1 Class 2 Rarity Cost
QCK Powerhouse Slasher 5 30
Power Sockets Combo Price Max Lv.(Exp.)
4 4 1,000 70(1,066,998)
Lv. HP Attack RCV
Base 1 500 400 50
Max 70 1,521 840 200
Special Howling Honey Pretzel
Description Changes crew’s [EMPTY][BLOCK][BOMB][RCV][G] and character’s slot to character’s own type. If Captain is a Fighter, Slasher, Striker or Shooter class, boosts chain multiplier by +1.1 for 2 turns; if Captain is a Free Spirit, Driven, Cerebral, or Powerhouse class, boosts the type effects of normal attacks for Free Spirit, Driven, Cerebral, and Powerhouse characters by 1.75x for 2 turns
Captain Ability True Form of a Warrior Concealed by Armor
Description Boosts Powerhouse characters’ ATK by 3.75x, and boosts Fighter, Slasher, Striker, and Shooter characters’ HP by 1.35x
Reduces character’s Special charge time by 1 turn every time another Powerhouse or Slasher character uses a Special
Pre-Evolution Character Evolvers Needed Post-Evolution
Charlotte Cracker
General Who Manipulates Biscuit Warriors
Sea Stallion
Rainbow Pirate Penguin
Rainbow Hermit Crab
Rainbow Armor Crab
Rainbow Striped Dragon
Charlotte Cracker
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