Koza Alabasta Citizen

Koza Alabasta Citizen
Koza Alabasta CitizenNo.665

A child native to Alabasta Kingdom. He came to the palace to plead for relief from the drought his village suffered from, only to run off in tears after his father yelled at him. The act made the young princess Vivi call him a crybaby.

Type Class 1 Class 2 Rarity Cost
QCK Striker Free Spirit 3 9
Power Sockets Combo Price Max Lv.(Exp.)
1 5 300 35(136,167)
Lv. HP Attack RCV
Base 1 53 53 3
Max 35 503 274 151
Special Let’s Go, Sand-Sand Band!
Description Changes own slot to QCK and boosts damage dealt to enemies with reduced DEF by 1.3x for 2 turns
Captain Ability I’m Not Gonna Lose to You!!
Description Boosts crew’s ATK by 1.2x and drastically cuts HP/RCV
Pre-Evolution Character Evolvers Needed Post-Evolution
Alabasta Citizen
Sea Horse
Blue Robber Penguin
Blue Pirate Penguin
Blue Armored Crab
Blue Striped Dragon
Sand-Sand Band Leader

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Tandem Attacks

Tandem Attacks Description
Character 1 None
Character 2 None
Character 3 None
Character 4 None
Character 5 None

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