Sentomaru Marine Science Unit Commander

Sentomaru Marine Science Unit Commander
Sentomaru Marine Science Unit CommanderNo.974

Commander of the Marine HQ's Science Unit in the service of Kizaru. His Sumo Strike move lets him deflect blows from Luffy with his bare hands. He also uses a giant axe as a weapon.

Type Class 1 Class 2 Rarity Cost
PSY Fighter Powerhouse 4 20
Power Sockets Combo Price Max Lv.(Exp.)
3 4 400 99(3,000,000)
Lv. HP Attack RCV
Base 1 1,125 497 92
Max 99 2,209 1,000 214
Special Iron-Wall’s Slap! “I’m the Most Defensive Man in the World!”
Description Deals 20,000 damage to one enemy and turns Friend Captain’s slot into character’s own type
Captain Ability The Most Impervious Man
Description Boosts Powerhouse characters’ ATK by 2.5x when HP is full
Pre-Evolution Character Evolvers Needed Post-Evolution
Sentomaru Sentomaru
Marine Science Unit Commander

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