Candy the Maiden-Hearted

Love is in the Air on Extra Island! Do you have the pure, maidenly heart it’s going to take to survive Bride Training and beat Substitute Queen Caroline?

Today we’re going to let you in on the strategy you’ll need to go toe to toe with the purest hearted maidens out there and defeat the highest difficulty, Confession!

Special quest conditions

We've never faced conditions like these before!

We’ve never faced condidtions like these before!

We’ve certainly faced quests with special conditions before, but this one seems a little different. We’re not sure what it means to have the “heart of a Maiden” but it looks like we may be taking damage every turn, so let’s make sure we’ve got a plan to keep our HP levels up.

INT-type Boss Caroline, Rare Boss Sanji

Sanji will appear as a Rare sub-boss.

Sanji will appear as a Rare sub-boss.

Randomly, Sanji will appear during this quest as a rare sub boss. We don’t know what the hell he’s wearing, but his Special will knock out your Captain abilities, so this fight may prove to be pretty tough!

New Kama Kempo

New Kama Kempo

Then we have the boss, Caroline. She’s an expert user of New Kama Kempo, and it shows. We found ourselves backed into a corner and struggling to hold onto any of our HP.

Ignominious defeat...

Ignominious defeat…

In the end, it was too late. We had no idea Caroline was going to deal so much damage going in, and before very long at all, the battle was over!

We’re not sure if we really learned much that’s going to be useful in formulating a strategy, but at any rate, it seems like Mr. 2 Bon Clay is immune to the strange sort of map damage that plagued the rest of our crew. Which means…?!

Bon Clay is immune!

Bon Clay is immune!

Building a crew: Focusing on HP and RCV

Let’s put together a crew to deal with these troublesome maidens!

Our PSY-type crew, focused on HP and RCV

Our PSY-type crew, focused on HP and RCV

We were fairly fortunate to have Garp the Fist available to stand in as our Friend Captain, and we’ll certainly be leaning on his powerful Captain Ability as we embark on this quest. Sogeking will be filling in as our own Captain. He’s got at a high RCV stat, and a Captain Ability that boosts both HP and ATK by a decent 1.5x, not to mention a Special that will buy us three turns of much needed time.

Next, we definitely want to avoid giving Caroline the opportunity to heal herself when her HP gets low, so we’re including Victoria Cindry, Doublecroseer Django, and Petty Officer Coby. Using their Specials in combination will allow us to turn the whole crew’s slots to [PSY] slots, and boost our slot effects, giving us massive attack power.

Finally, just to be safe, we’re taking along Doctor Kureha, for her Special, Doctor Stop, which we can use for a random amount of healing if we find ourselves taking too many hits without a [RCV] slot in sight.

Off to recruit some of the New Kama!

As long as this quests rare boss, Sanji doesn’t make an appearance, you will be fighting Elizabeth as a sub boss sometime before you get to Caroline. She’s got a Special that flipped every one of our slots to an unfavorable Type (In this case, [INT] slots for our [PSY] crew), so we weren’t able to defeat her as quickly as we wanted to, and wound up taking a fair bit of damage.

We're feeling psychologically pressured...

We’re feeling psychologically pressured…

Charm won’t help you now…

It’s time for our rematch with Caroline. We’ve come ready with a plan to defeat her, and we’re not going to give her the chance to heal herself this time!

It's finally time for our rematch!

It’s finally time for our rematch!

She starts out with Immunity, switching our slots around, nullifying our Captain Abilities, and in general doing whatever she pleases, but not for long… We’re going to wait out her Immunity and then use Sogeking’s Firebird Star.

She can't hide behind her buffs forever...

She can’t hide behind her buffs forever…

If possible let’s try to hold onto a few [PSY] slots and then use Coby’s Special. The boost we get from Shave will last two turns. Use the first one to attack Caroline and get chip away at her HP (Be careful not to knock it so low you trigger her healing!). On the second turn, it’s time to use the rest of our Specials! If we can get another good round of hits in after that, victory will be within our grasp!

Get the most out of Coby's Special.

Get the most out of Coby’s Special.

We were able to defeat Caroline! Plus, we even managed to Recruit Caroline!


Got Caroline!

Plus, we got a new Title, Maiden-Hearted!

Got a new Title!

Got a new Title!

There are a lot of other crews you could use to take on the Maiden-hearted denizens of Peachy Island. If you’d like a bit more ATK while still leaving open some recovery options, try switching in Bon Clay Bombadier Arabesque for Dr. Kureha. You’ll be able to use the meat you get from Garp’s special for either recovery, or turn it to [PSY] slots with Bon Clay.

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