Clash!! Akainu: Blazing Hell

For 24 hours only, Clash!! Akainu is available on Extra Island! Has everyone given it a shot yet? Today we’ll be bringing you a strategy to defeat Akainu on Ultimate difficulty in Clash!! Akainu: Blazing Hell!

With strength rivaling that of his fellow navy HQ admirals, Aokiji and Kizaru, Akainu comes to Clash!!

You may have seen him in Marineford. When Ace wasn’t enough, you may have witnessed his unwavering persistence in trying to get rid of the scarred and battered Luffy. Available only on Ultimate difficulty, Akainu will show you what top-class navy strength really is!

Our High ATK in bursts and Delay capable crew!

Here is the crew we came up with to take on the one who’s out to exterminate all evil, Akainu!

High ATK and Delay capable QCK-type crew!

High ATK and Delay capable QCK-type crew!

We went with Gladius Donquixote Pirates for our Captain, and for our Friend Captain, we chose the highest level/Special level White Knight Cavendish we could find. Together, their Captain Abilities will grant our crew an over 6x boost to ATK, and that can go to over 10x thanks to Cavendish!

For our Crewmates, we chose Usopp A Pirate Who Lives by His Code and Roronoa Zoro Jack the Ripper for their Delaying Specials. Akainu boasts some pretty mean ATK power, so even taking one hit could mean complete obliteration! Delay will allow us to avoid this.

We also added Eneru, Lightning Incarnate 200,000,000 Volt Amaru and Tashigi G-5 Captain. Eneru’s Special will raise the crew’s ATK, while Tashigi’s will boost the type-effect of normal attacks. Because we’re able to bring these two Specials into effect simultaneously, the amount of damage we can unleash upon the STR-type Akainu is tremendous!

Finally, you’ll want Zoro’s Special level at MAX to make this strategy work. For the rest of your crew, try to get their Specials ready to launch within at least 19 turns. Bring along the Thousand Sunny for an extra 1.5x boost and it’s Special to blast away the enemy!

Watch out for the enemy and charge along the way!

Charge your Specials as much as possible before the Boss Battle. Almost all enemies that appear along the way have high ATK, including the Turtles. We’re aiming to not take even one hit from Akainu during the Boss Fight, but it’s better to play it safe and try to prevent taking any damage before. Although, since we need to charge up our Specials, use a character with a 4-hit combo and miss on the Lobster in Battle 1. You may have to take a hit, and it’s even better if you can aim for [QCK] slots as well.

Watch out for the high ATK, low HP turtles!

Watch out for the high ATK, low HP turtles!

These marines have Specials and they want to use them on you.

You’ll meet some marines along the way and they’ll use a variety of Specials against you. The Pistol Ensign in Battle 2 will use a preemptive Bind RCV!, but this doesn’t mean just meat slots. Healing from Captain Abilities, Ship Abilities, and Powers will also be cancelled out. Prepare for a rough battle.

Even some of the strongest crews will have a hard time...

Even some of the strongest crews will have a hard time…

The Saber Ensign in Battle 3 will use a Special that swaps your Captain for a Crewmate. He swapped our Gladius for Zoro this time, and while Zoro’s Captain Ability doesn’t boost ATK as much as Gladius’, we were still able to do some damage to the enemy. We can’t afford any hits from the enemy since healing is no longer an option.

It’s time to use Zoro’s 108 Pound Phoenix : Reaper, to Delay all enemies, making it easier to charge the rest of your characters’ Specials!

Use your Special on the first turn!

Use your Special on the first turn!

Take a hit from one of the enemies here and charge your Specials. But which enemy is best? Unfortunately, they all use Specials to mess up our plans, so our best bet here is to go with the Saber Ensign and his Captain swapping Special. Since he acts every two turns, we managed to charge our Specials twice. This time he swapped our captain for Usopp, dropping our crew’s ATK power drastically! Had he swapped Usopp in for Captain the first time, we would have ended with a Game Over here without a doubt. It seems he’ll swap from the mid-row, so if you put Eneru in place of Usopp, you should be able to pass this Battle without a sweat.

What a weak crew...

What a weak crew…

Boss Battle with Akainu!

We’ve finally reached Akainu! He swapped almost all our slots for [STR] right from the beginning. What’s worse, we’ll take damage every round in this Battle!

We've lost Cavendish and Eneru's [QCK] slots...

We’ve lost Cavendish and Eneru’s [QCK] slots…

We’re aiming for a flawless victory against Akainu by using Delay in this Boss Battle. He’s quite the monster, as he’ll attack for 40,000 damage, use a Special that changes up our slots, and boost the strength of that Special once his HP drops below 30%. His cut-in actions when his HP gets low aren’t too much to handle, as he’ll only cancel out our buffs while shortening his attack interval, every two turns. So don’t worry too much about him acting on low HP!

We used Gladius’ Pop Rock Fest which does more of a ratio in damage the more HP your enemy has and changes his slot to [QCK]! Let’s take advantage of this [QCK] slot and start beating on Akainu!

A very powerful preemptive attack...

A very powerful preemptive attack…

We managed to tap all PERFECTS, but with only Gladius’ slot being [QCK], we only managed to take off 1/5th of Akainu’s HP. Akainu’s next turn has him attacking our crew, so this is where Zoro’s second 108 Pound Phoenix : Reaper comes into play. Now this allows us to get a second round of attacks on Akainu!

Can't let you do that, Akainu.

Can’t let you do that, Akainu.

We’ve finished our second turn and got Akainu’s HP to around half empty! He’ll then deprive us of our buffs and shorten his turn interval. This will happen again in 2 turns. Now it’s time to use Usopp’s Shuriken Shooting Stars! We’ll Delay Akainu for another 3 turns as well as take off another 10% of his HP! We still have Cavendish, Eneru, and Tashigi’s Specials left at this point. They’ll all boost ATK substantially! Even with the Delay, we still might have some trouble taking down Akainu. Just to play it on the safe side, wait until Cavendish has a [QCK] slot and then launch both Eneru and Tashigi’s Special (within the time frame the Delay is taking effect.)

Feel free to use your other member's [QCK] slots.

Feel free to use your other member’s [QCK] slots.

We lucked out and got Cavendish his [QCK] slot with Akainu having 1 turn remaining. Time to launch Eneru’s 200,000,000 Volt Amaru to boost our crew’s ATK and Tashigi’s Cutting Mist to boost the type-effect of our attacks. Looking at Akainu’s remaining HP, it’s clear we wouldn’t have a problem taking him out even if Cavendish didn’t have his [QCK] slot!

Say your prayers, Akainu!

Say your prayers, Akainu!

Right when we thought we had this Clash in the bag, Akainu revived himself to about 30% after he fell. What’s worse, he used his Special that knocks out the character that gets the hit that takes him down, in the same turn!

We lost Eneru!

We lost Eneru!

We just might be able to take out Akainu with our next attack! We still have Cavendish’s Slicing Winds of Rommel Special to use, which will boost his ATK through the roof! Also, can’t let the Thousand Sunny’s Gaon Cannon go to waste! Pummel Akainu with the rest of your characters and release the monster that is Hakuba! His attack will do nearly 1,400,000 damage!

We’ve managed to defeat Akainu!

So long, Akainu.

So long, Akainu.

We’ve recruited Akainu!

Welcome to our Crew!

Welcome to our Crew!

We got the new Mag-Mag title!

New Title!

New Title!

So what other crews can lead you to victory in this battle?

Try Hawk Eyes Mihawk World’s Strongest Swordsman as Captain or Friend Captain and you just might be able to clear the quest with a Slasher crew. Add the Clash quest’s Hawk Eyes Mihawk for your other Captain for a Special that allows you to take a percentage off of Akainu’s HP. Using Tashigi’s Special with this combination might just allow you to defeat Akainu within the first turn! After he revives, use Hawk Eyes Mihawk World’s Strongest Swordsman’s Special and inflict a huge amount of damage to Akainu!

With Kuzan as Captain or Friend Captain matched with Heavenly Demon Doflamingo, Lucci: Beastman Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard, Eneru, and Tashigi as Crewmates, it’s possible to take Akainu out in one go without needing to Delay!

Try out different strategies and see what works best for you!

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