Clash!! Shiki the Golden Lion: Dominance

For 24 hours only, Clash!! Shiki the Golden Lion is available on Extra Island! Has everyone given it a shot yet?

Today we’ll be bringing you a strategy to defeat Shiki on the hardest difficulty: Clash!! Shiki the Golden Lion: Dominance!

The Head Honcho of the Golden Lion Pirates, Shiki!

We knew very well what we were going up against this time. We were prepared and didn’t want to keep Shiki waiting, so we jumped straight into the hardest difficulty for this quest, Ultimate!

A QCK-type crew to defend against Shiki’s Captain Swap Special

Shiki’s strength is incredible, rivaling even the likes of Gold Roger the Pirate King! But it’s not so incredible that he can’t be defeated, and this is the crew to do just that!

We're prepared for the Captain Swap!

We’re prepared for the Captain Swap!!

We chose Eneru, Lightning Incarnate 200,000,000 Volt Amaru as Captain, and for Friend Captain, we chose a high level Marco the Phoenix Whitebeard 1st Div. Commander with Slot Rate Boost and Auto-Heal Powers unlocked. If you can keep your HP above 70%, you’ll get a 6x ATK boost for QCK-type characters from both Captain Abilities, reduce damage taken by 30%, and heal on every turn.

For crewmates, we chose Gladius Donquixote Pirates and Massacre Soldier Killer. Shiki’s Special has your Captains getting swapped out for crewmates, so had these characters become Captain mid-battle, they could still play the role just fine. Taking Killer along is highly recommended as his fixed-damage-inflicting Special will play a huge role towards the end of the quest.

For the rest of our crewmates, we put in Humming Swordsman Brook and Lucci: Beastman Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard. Brook’s Special will restore 4,343 HP, which gives us a bit of leverage to keep Marco’s Captain Ability working, and Lucci’s slot swapping Special makes him an exceptional member for this crew.

We had Killer’s Special level high enough to be available for the Boss Battle and other crewmates needing to charge their Specials within 26 turns at most. To help with slots, we had Slot Rate Boost at level 1 and Auto-Heal at level 3 to help with maintaining HP. We also used Thousand Sunny to boost ATK an extra 1.5 and inflict damage to all enemies with its Special.

Be careful of the enemy and watch your HP while charging your Specials

Don’t feel too comfortable with Eneru’s healing and Marco’s damage reduction, as the enemies here can be quite a threat with their high ATK! You’ll also be faced with enemies who use Specials that can cause some problems for your strategy. The Bodyguards in Battle 1 like to swap your slots to [BOMB] and unfavorable slots when their HP drops below half, so make sure your HP doesn’t get too low and charge once here.

Leave the enemies that attack once every two turns!

Leave the enemies that attack once every two turns!

It’s most important that you defeat the Fighter Group Leader and Spear Fishman before they get a chance to act in Battle 2. The Fighter Group Leader will bind QCK-types for 5 turns and the Spear Fishman will bind your Captain/Friend Captain for 5 turns. They both act on their 1st turn, so keep that in mind, and do your best to get rid of them before they have the chance!

Don't allow yourself to get bound!

Don’t allow yourself to get bound!

It’s do or die in Battle 3!

The Neptunian Squid may hit one of your crew members with a preemptive 4-turn Paralyze at the start of Battle 3. He’ll continue to do this every turn, as well as use his normal attack, making him to be quite a pain in the butt.

There's no attacking when you're Paralyzed!

There’s no attacking when you’re Paralyzed!

That being said, it is of great importance that we use this Paralyze to our benefit by charging our Specials. While your crew can all still move, try getting the Squid’s HP to a point where you can take him out when you want, then defeat all other enemies before they can attack, except for the Elder Turtles. Get rid of the Squid, and use your Paralyzed characters to attack the Elder Turtles, the paralysis will kick in allowing you to charge for quite a few turns.

You’ll find that your HP has dropped a bit in Battle 3 from charging your Specials, and you’ll be in trouble if you enter the fight with Shiki in that state. Heal with [RCV] slots and Auto-Heal, just to make sure your HP is near MAX by the time you get to Battle 5.

Charging your Specials is not going to be easy!

Charging your Specials is not going to be easy!

By now, you should be used to them, but yes, there is a Sea King that will bind you for 6 turns in Battle 4. The other enemies there have high ATK, so it’s best to take out everyone before you take any damage!

Battle 4

Battle 4

Lucky for us, we got the Gaon Cannon on our side and can blast everyone but the Lobster, South Bird, and Forest Residents. The South Bird and Forest Residents are something to be feared, as they will boost their ATK or Remove SFX for 11 turns at the end of their 2nd turn. It’s hard to tell which one of their skills they’ll use, so you should probably just get rid of them within 2 turns.

Blast them away with Sunny's Cannon!

Blast them away with Sunny’s Cannon!

It was quite a struggle, but we finally reached Shiki!

Battle 5

Battle 5

Shiki will start out the Battle with a preemptive Immunity, Slot change, and Treasure Cruise’s first ever Captain Swap! What we learned from previous tries was that the preemptive Captain Swap will take one of the crewmates from the bottom row. Eneru got swapped with Gladius this time but that’s no problem for us because Gladius’ Captain Ability will do the trick just fine!

A Captain Swap?!

A Captain Swap!?

At the end of his first turn, Shiki will use Lion’s Threat: Imperial Earth Bind, halving our HP, changing up our slots (including [G] slots), and once again exchanging our captains. With the second Captain Swap, Shiki will swap one of the crewmates from the middle row.

Halving our HP and swapping our Captains!

Halving our HP and swapping our Captains!

At the end of his second turn, Shiki won’t swap Captains again, but he’ll use Immunity and erase our Special effects. His normal attack does around 7,000 damage, but if you have your HP full before entering Battle 5, this shouldn’t pose as a problem. Once you get through Shiki’s attack, it’s time to let him have it!

First, double your ATK with 200,000,000 Volt Amaru, then use Pop Rock Fest to reduce Shiki’s HP by 20% and change Gladius’ slot to his own, Finger Pistol Sting to change slots to [QCK], and finally, Blue Flame Kick to increase the effect of slots. Now with everything prepared, shoot for all Perfects and do some major damage to Shiki!

All-out attack on the third turn!

All-out attack on the third turn!

We were flawless with our tap-timing, but it still wasn’t enough to take out Shiki completely. On his third turn, Shiki swaps our Captain from the bottom row, in addition to his 7,000-damage attack. Thanks to Marco, we didn’t get completely obliterated and were even able to get back on our feet with Lullaby Parry!

Heal to get Marco's Captain Ability working again!

Heal to get Marco’s Captain Ability working again!

Even if you get Shiki’s HP to 0, he won’t give up. He’ll keep reviving with 30 HP each time, and will greatly boost his ATK and DEF! On top of that, he’ll swap Captains again. It’s time for Killer to make his move here and launch his fixed-damage Special!

Take him out with fixed damage!

Take him out with fixed damage!

We managed to defeat Shiki!

Blast him away!

Blast him away!

We recruited Shiki and got ourselves The Golden Lion title!

New character and title!

New character and title!

So what other crews can lead you to victory in this battle? Your attack boost will take a big hit when Shiki’s swaps Captains from your middle row, so try taking along Heavenly Demon Doflamingo instead of Lucci. You’ll be able to change your own slot, as well as boost the effects of slots here. You could also try swapping Brook for Leo Tontatta Corps Leader. He can lock the crew’s slots, delay the enemy for one turn, and reduce enemies’ HP by 20%, so see how he does for you! Try out different strategies and see what works best for you!

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