Clash?! Usopp-un

For 24 hours only, Clash!? Usopp-un on Extra Island! Have you taken him on yet?

Today we’ll be bringing you a strategy to defeat Usopp-un on Ultimate difficulty, Clash?! Usopp-un: Gluttony.

The Ultimate challenge returns!

The new highest difficulty, Ultimate, that we encountered back during Clash!! Doflamingo, is back for an encore! This time the Ultimate enemy we’ll be facing is Usopp-un, or just… Usopp, sporting a more robust figure than usual. He honestly doesn’t look that tough, but this is Ultimate, after all, so we don’t intend to let our guard down! Following our usual theory, we’re putting together a powerful INT type team to take on the PSY type Usopp-un!

 A powerful but well-balanced INT team.

We’re a bit worried that we won’t be able to win this one with normal attacks alone, so we’re making sure that among the many powerful abilities that go into our crew, their Captain Abilities maximize the amount of damage we can do. With that in mind, we’re selecting Nami Happiness Punch for both our Captain and Friend Captain.

To fill in the crew we’re going to start with Buggy the Clown and Broggy, whose abilities have some excellent synergy. [RCV] Slot Storm will give us a bunch of [RCV] slots that Chop Chop Festival will turn to [INT] slots for us. Then we’ll use Nico Robin and her Cein Fleur to double INT character’s ATK, and Caroline‘s New Kama Karate Maiden’s Awakening to boost the slot effects a bit. All of that should give our attacks quite the power boost.

We’re off to challenge the new Usopp!

Usopp appears right away in Battle 1. He doesn’t look any different from normal, but he does seem to have swapped personalities with Luffy. Usopp doesn’t want to fight us here, and retreats into the forest.

We have no idea what he's even talking about...

We have no idea what he’s even talking about…

We continue on to Battle 2 uneventfully, but then we notice something a littl odd. All the enemies we’ve been fighting are way too weak, and we’ve hardly been able to charge our Specials at all. We tested out our theory by just letting one of the enemies get a hit in, and we couldn’t believe the paltry amount of damage.

It's ridiculous, really.

It’s ridiculous, really.

In Battle 3, we’re finally able to charge our Specials a bit with the high-DEF turtles, and in Battle 4 we run into Usopp again. He’s going on about having found as way to make himself invincible or something, and then he uses Gluttony! Energy Charge! While the effects of this last, Usopp will stay on his feet, no matter how low we get his HP.

Usopp's temporary invincibility

Usopp’s temporary invincibility

We thought we were going to have a hard time coming up with something to counter that, but when the effect ended we were able to finish him off with no trouble at all. We were almost a little sad for him.

After a ridiculously easy series of battles, we finally reach the Boss!

In Battle 7, we encounter an Usopp who’s undergone a fairly radical transformation. We barely left him alone for a few minutes, just how much did he manage to eat between battles?

The return of Gluttony! Energy Charge!

The return of Gluttony! Energy Charge!

Usopp-un’s ATK and DEF don’t seem to be that high at all, but just as we started to enjoy the prospects of an easy victory, he pulls out the big guns! Just as we finish attacking, he uses a Special we haven’t seen before, Usopp Spell!!!!! …and hits us for most of our HP all at once!

Usopp Spell!!!

Usopp Spell!!!

No matter how much we attack him, we’re not going to be able to defeat him as long as Gluttony! is still in effect, so he’s pretty much invincible for several turns. We figured this was the end of the road for us, until we realized he’s got 13 whole turns until his next attack…

Does he even want to fight at all?[

Does he even want to fight at all?

We spent all that effort trying to charge our Specials and it looks like we won’t really have any chance to use them. It looks like we’re just going to have to wait this one out. April fools, indeed…

We defeated the Mighty Usopp!

We defeated the Mighty Usopp!

We Recruited Usopp-un and got a new Title, A Robust Figure!

We Recruited Usopp-un!

We Recruited Usopp-un!

The enemies on this quest were pretty weak until the very end, so we think you could probably clear this with nearly any crew you wanted to. It might actually be more fun to go in the other direction and see at what point you won’t be able defeat Usopp-un. Try it out for yourself!

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