Clash!! Doflamingo!

For 24 hours only, the Heavenly Demon himself has descended upon Extra Island! Do you have what it takes to Clash!! with Doflamingo Donquixote?

This time we’re bringing you a strategy built to take on the toughest level, Clash!! Unparallelled Cruelty!

Clash!! on a whole new Level…

Doflamingo has moved beyond the Master level, and you’ll need to do the same if you want to beat him at his best: Ultimate. Things are just going to get tougher from here on out. We’re going to need to start by seeing exactly what we’re up against in this new challenge.

The ultimate crew for the Ultimate Clash!!

The ultimate crew for the Ultimate Clash!!

For both our Captain and Friend Captain, we’re going with Tony-Tony Chopper Post Rampage. If we can get both of them as our Captain, our ATK power will get a staggering 9x buff! We won’t have much in the way of HP, but this isn’t a battle we’re going to be able to win without some big guns, so we can’t take half measures.

We’ll fill out the crew with a few other STR Types, like Iron-Mace Alvida, and Blamenco the Mallet, who both have high HP and ATK stats, as well as useful Specials.

For the last two members of the crew, we’ll choose Diamond Jozu, and Hawk Eyes Mihawk. Neither of them are STR types, so unfortunately they won’t be benefiting from the ATK bonus, but their Specials are just too useful to pass on. Especially Jozu’s Brilliant Punk, which will let us completely cut Doffy’s damage for one turn.

Sudden death lurks around every corner…

The enemies you’re going to face on your way to defeating Doflamingo all have ridiculously high ATK stats. You’re going to have no choice but to figure out who it’s safe to take a hit from one painful step at a time. Be careful, and avoid getting hit rushed by multiple enemies at all cotsts.

The puppetmaster himself!

When you get to the boss battle, you’ll find yourself facing not one, but TWO Doflamingos. Don’t let the odds overwhelm you, though. If you take stock of the situation calmly, you’ll see that they only attack you every two turns, and you’ll be able to use that to your advantage! Let’s go fire off some of our Specials!



Everyting up until this point was the easy part, but unfortnately, Doflamingo’s Unparallelled Cruelty isn’t going to be that easy to overcome. It seems we may have made a miscalculation after all..

Even with our power over 9x, we just weren't strong enough...

Even with our power over 9x, we just weren’t strong enough…

As it turns out, Master level is pretty tough, too!

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a bit discouraged by all of this, but we decided it would be best to make sure we could definitely beat Master level before trying our hand at Ultimate again. Master level turned out to be tough enough on it’s own. We stuck with the same crew, but even one level lower, if you don’t have Tony-Tony Chopper Post Rampage and Hawk Eyes Mihawk‘s Specials levelled up a fair bit, you’ll have a hard time charging them in time to do anything.

Let’s go over our strategy in detail.

In Battle one, finish off everyone except the penguins and Striker Group Leader. The penguin has a relatively low ATK power for this quest, so you should be safe taking about two hits, and the Striker Group Leader will hit you with a Bind DEX as his first move, so you should be able to take that one, too. You’ll need every chance available to get your Specials ready!

Battle One

Battle 1

In Battle 2 , leave only the Giant Imperial Slasher for last, getting him down to low HP and forcing him to use his Special. The Special doesn’t deal any damage, and you’ll have until his next turn to charge your own Specials.

Battle 2

Battle 2

You’ll be able to buy quite a few turns for yourself in Battle 3 by leaving the crab and turtle for last.

Battle 3

Battle 3

In Battle 4, you should be more concerned about avoiding damage than charging you specials. All of the enemies have extremely high defense, so stay calm and focus on hitting all PERFECTs as you attack.

Battle 4

Battle 4

Clash!! with Doflamingo!

Once again we find ourselves facing a climactic last battle against Doflamingo. There’s no need for us to go into this one with full HP. Doflamingo is going to cut our HP in half with a pre-emptive attack, but it isn’t going to kill us, and this Rampaging Chopper crew isn’t built for recovery anyway. Our one and only path to victory is to hit them harder and faster than they can hit us!

Doflamingo's Overheat

Doflamingo’s Overheat

The Doflamingo on the right (hereafter Right Doffy) will use Immunity pre-emptively, and cut in on the first turn to get in your way again by raising the ’Flamingos’ defense. The Doflamingo on the left (hereafter Left Doffy) will pre-emptively cut your HP in half with Overheat, and do nothing else until his next attack turn. That attack turn comes two turns later, and both of the Doflamingos will attack together, so go ahead and use Brilliant Punk!

When exactly to use our offensive Specials is going to be the key to this battle, and choosing the moment is going to be tough. We need to keep hammering away at Right Doffy, to take him out of action as soon as possible!

Brialliant Punk + Offensive Specials

Brialliant Punk + Offensive Specials

We’ve somehow made it, chipping away at Right Doffy until his HP is low. All we need to do now is block the next round of damage with Alvida’s Slip-Slip Tracks, and finish of Right Doffy without a single MISS!

Just don't MISS!

Just don’t MISS!

At last, we defeated Doflamingo!! For now, at least…



We got a new title, Marionette!

Got a new Title!

Got a new Title!

We’re pretty sure this crew could take on Ultimate, too. We’d need to level the whole crew up, of course, not to mention levelling our specials a little more, but we’re confident. In addition, if we were able to max the Going Merry and add that 1.5x ATK boost, we’d be in even better shape. Try out your own strategies, and with some preparation, you’ll be able to conquer Ultimate, too!

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