Domino’s Special Security

Impel Down’s Vice-Head Jailer Domino is patrolling the beaches of Extra Island! Do you have what it takes to escape the crackdown?

Today, we’re bringing you a strategy to take on the highest difficulty of Domino’s Maximum Security, Supermax!

Our third Class-weakening Adventure

Fighters, Slashers, and Strikers all get hit with lower stats.

Fighters, Slashers, and Strikers all get hit with lower stats.

This time everyone but Shooter types are going to get hit with a pretty big stat cut.

Focusing on endurance and avoiding Bind…

We’ve put together a crew to deal with the Vice-Head Jailer and her tough-to-crack lockup!

Avoiding getting tied up...

Avoiding getting tied up…

We’ve chosen Great Advisor Tsuru for our Captain, and Heavy Artillary Curiel for our Friend Captain. Both of their Captain Abilities together will quadruple ATK for Shooters!

Tsuru’s Special, Cleansing Wash, will really come in handy if our HP gets too low, healing us a bit and giving us a fresh slate of slots (hopefully with a [RCV] or two). Curiel’s Captain Ability will help out a bit on that front as well, boosting the crew’s RCV by 1.5x in addition to the ATK boost we get.

In addition to our Captains, we’re adding Don Krieg Poison Gas Bomb MH5, and of course, we couldn’t dream of doing this without the Shooter class Sogeking, and his excellent time-stalling Special. Finally, we’re going to bring along Shoujou, who’s sure to get us out of a Bind, and Bazooka Ensign Navy HQ, who’ll be able to swap [RCV] slots for [INT].

Domino will be hitting us with Bind after Bind, so we’re going to want to end this battle as soon as we can.

Charging Specials is key.

Charging Specials is Key

You’re really going to want to make sure you charge your specials, so if you’re not on track by the time you go up against the Minorhinocerous in Battle 4, make sure you make the most out of it, even if you take a hit. He does pack a bit of a punch, however, so be careful to pick up as much meat as you can afterwards.

More than 6,000 damage in one hit...

More than 6,000 damage in one hit…

Don’t let her tie you down!

We managed hold onto 8,000 HP for our climactic showdown with the Boss, Domino!

You'll never take our freedom!

You’ll never take our freedom!

Unfortunately, she starts the battle off by hitting us for 4,000 damage and pre-emptively Binding our Captain for three turns with Sea-Prism Stone Cuffs!

 You're going to see a lot of this.

You’re going to see a lot of this.

We’re going to go ahead and fire off Krieg’s MH5 on the first turn, to get the most out of its effects and get Domino’s backup out of the picture.

That'll make things a little easier for us.

That’ll make things a little easier for us.

After that first attack, we take about another 4,000 damage, but we make it through, and immediately use Sogeking’s Firebird Star to slow Domino down by 3 turns. Right after that, we use Shoujou’s Havoc Sonar to break free of Bind so we can begin our counterattack in earnest this turn.

Time to use those Specials!

Time to use those Specials!

We’ve managed to free ourselves from the Bind, but we’ll be getting hit with it again soon enough. We’ll find ourselves pretty hamstrung during this fight, and Domino will be doing 4,000 damage per attack once the delay from Firebird Star runs out, so let’s do what we can to get her HP down while we have the chance.

Tsuru to the rescue!

Tsuru to the rescue!

We’re able to use Cleansing Wash to boost our HP enough to see us through Domino’s next attack and finally knock her down to low HP.

…But when we do, she immediately strikes back by Binding our entire front row! It’s going to be pretty hard to win this with half our crew out of the running.

99 turns...

99 turns…

Honestly, we thought this was going to be the end for us, but with the help of some lucky slots and Bazooka Ensign‘s Special, we’re able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

It was close there for a bit...

It was close there for a bit…

If you find yourself with less-than-lucky slots, go ahead and use Curiel’s Double Cannon to give yourself a more advantageous playing field.

We weren’t able to get Minorhinocerous this time, but we were able to get a new Title and Recruit Domino for our crew!

We Recruited Domino!

We Recruited Domino!

We were able to win this time, with help from a little luck, but there are probably other crews that could lead you to victory. If you can double up on Curiel for your Captain positions, you’ll get triple the RCV, which should give you better chances of sticking it out going into the Boss battle. And speaking of luck again, if you happen to have Portgas D. Ace Black Clad Flame Fist, you shouldn’t have any problems!

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