Donquixote Family’s Children! Demented

Donquixote Family’s Children! is now available on Extra Island! Has everyone already taken the challenge? This time we’re bringing you the guide for this adventure’s highest difficulty, Donquixote Family’s Children! Demented

Certain Characters Powered Up

“Child-like?” Characters Powered Up!

The special condition in this adventure is the like the previous “Rumbar Pirates!” adventure where certain characters were powered up. This time, “child-like?” characters will be powered up. The reason behind the “like” and “?” part is because characters may not have to be exactly pure and harmless children. Nonetheless, the bosses that appear in this adventure are “Baby 5” and “Buffalo” from when they were children. It might be a little cruel to bring along big and tough pirates to defeat these children! So, let’s think back to the anime and bring a “child-like?” crew!

A Fresh and Adorable Crew

This is the crew we came up with to defeat and recruit the children that are members of a family of brutal pirates!

A fresh, Striker and Free Spirit crew

A fresh, Striker and Free Spirit crew

First off, we chose Koala Revolutionary and Fish-Man Karate Assistant as the Captain, and Leo Tontatta Corps Leader as our Friend Captain. Leo’s Captain Ability boosts Striker and Free Spirit characters’ ATK by 2.25x and RCV by 1.5x. “Child-like” Striker and Free Spirit characters will get a great boost to their ATK and RCV. Also, with Koala’s Captain Ability, our chain multiplier doubles and heals our crew every turn. This means her Captain Ability works well with a variety of types of crews.

And of course, our crewmates will be “child-like” as well. But what’s worrisome for this kind of crew is the overall low HP. To counter this, we need to add characters with very powerful healing abilities, such as Mansherry Tontatta Princess and Nefeltari Vivi Sand-Sand Band Sub-Leader. Mansherry not only heals, but also removes Paralysis. Vivi, along with being able to heal, will deal major damage!

We’ve now got a crew that leans slightly towards a PSY-type build. So, let’s add Nami Mischievous Tavern Idol and Shanks Roger Pirates to the crew. Nami changes all [BLOCK] slots to [PSY] and Shanks’ Special boosts PSY characters’ ATK. We’ll power up PSY characters to take down the bosses.

Then to make clearing this adventure a little easier, we chose Thousand Sunny with a Special that boosts ATK by 1.2x and deals damage to all enemies.

Charging Specials along the way

Let’s charge Specials along the way. Thanks to the special condition of this adventure, Special Charge Time is shortened, allowing us to save up a good amount without taking much damage.
Now then, the special condition states “child-like?”, but to what extent? Our main concern was Shanks and he’s not powered up. In his teenage years but unfortunately not recognized as “child-like”.

However, Nami who has a body of a child but thinks like an adult was powered up. Even if we exclude the boosts given from Leo’s Captain Ability and Thousand Sunny, our characters’ ATK is boosted by more than 3x.

Leo and Mansherry are also powered up. They are probably in their 20’s in age, but their appearance is child-like and adorable, and the long lifespan of 150 years for the Tontatta Tribe may have something to do with why they were powered up.
And as expected, Vivi is powered up while Koala isn’t.

Along with ATK, Special Charge Time and RCV were also affected

Along with ATK, Special Charge Time and RCV were also affected

Rare Encounter: Law

Along the way, on rare occasion, you may come across Law when he was a child.
He’ll preemptively attack us, but other than that, he won’t do anything out of the ordinary. While recovering HP with meat, defeat him with regular attacks.

He'll drop a Wanted Poster

He’ll drop a Wanted Poster

Battle 6: Buffalo

At Battle 6, we’ll run into Buffalo during his childhood. Buffalo will preemptively use his Special to Paralyze our crew!

Our boosted chain multiplier rendered useless

Our boosted chain multiplier rendered useless

We immediately use Mansherry’s Special, Heal Popo, to remove Paralysis. We’re ready to attack now, but we have to be careful of the Cannoneers surrounding Buffalo as they have extremely high defense. Fortunately, their HP is very low and we can take them out beforehand with combo-based damage, via characters who have low ATK or high combo.

Use 3-4 characters to take out Cannoneers and the rest to attack Buffalo

Use 3-4 characters to take out Cannoneers and the rest to attack Buffalo

When Buffalo’s HP goes down to critical, he’ll once again use his Special to Paralyze our crew. If we let him do that this time, we won’t have a way to recover again so we need to defeat him before that. We have a lot of PSY characters that work well against INT-type Buffalo, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to take him down in 2 turns.

Buffalo Defeated!

The Final Boss in Battle 7: Baby 5

In the final battle Baby 5, from her childhood, appears along with four Swordswoman. Here, Baby 5 will immediately use her Special to deal heavy damage to us. Also keep in mind that if we have characters in our crew with a Cost of 50 or more, their ATK will drastically decrease. This is where big and tough pirates would’ve paid dearly for attacking the children!

HP decreases by 60%!

HP decreases by 60%!

First off, we need to get rid of those troublesome Swordswomen. Immediately using Leo’s Special, Haute Couture: Patch Work, we Delay all enemies and reduce their HP by 20%.
Then, we use Thousand Sunny’s Special, Gaon Cannon, to deal damage to all enemies and the Swordswomen should now be on their last leg. Furthermore, Koala’s Special Fish-Man Karate: Spinning Upper Roundhouse, is used to greatly boost her normal attack. Defeat the Swordswomen first with normal attacks.

Only Baby 5 remains

In the next turn, Baby 5 will change our crew’s slots to their matching slots. Baby 5 is supposed to use Specials that change type-slots to either [BLOCK] or [BOMB]. However, only by defeating all the surrounding Swordswomen, will our crew’s slots be changed to their matching ones. Quickly using Shanks’ Special, Lightspeed Flash, we boost PSY characters’ ATK then deal damage.

Making full use of favorable slots

Making full use of favorable slots

We couldn’t finish off Baby 5 and she’s still got a little HP. In this state, Baby 5 will use a Special to deal percentage-based damage to further deplete our HP. Moreover, the entire crew’s slots have become [BLOCK] slots.
This is where we need to use Nami’s Special, Cat Burglar’s Infiltration! Our [BLOCK] slots changed to [PSY] slots! Next, use Vivi’s Special, Vivi’s Precious Guard! Her Special deals major damage (more if our HP is lower), and since we received percentage-based damage from Baby 5 twice, we’re able to deal some serious damage back! Victory is now in our reach. After our final wave of attacks, we’ve finally defeated Baby 5!

 We've defeated Baby 5!

We’ve defeated Baby 5!

Got the new title, Dasuyan!

Got the new title!

Got the new title!

What other crews can lead you to victory?

To counter Buffalo’s Paralysis, you can try adding Hina Polite Honor Student to your crew instead of Mansherry. If you don’t have Hina as well, you can also try Nico Olvia Ohara Archaeologist since her Special also reduces Paralysis. Unfortunately, she won’t receive benefits as the other “child-like?” characters would. You can also try to get through by using Leo’s Special that Delays enemies. Make good use of his Special when you have Leo for Friend Captain as well as a crewmate.

Try out different strategies and see what works best for you!

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