Titles and Rewards

Acquiring Titles on your Adventure


Setting up your Title.

Setting up your Title


When you clear quests on your adventure, you’ll receive titles such as “Pirate Hunter” and “Straw Hat” to match the characters’ titles from One Piece.



In the “Title Setting” portion of the Friends menu, you can combine any two of your titles to make a personalized title.


Clear adventures to expand your Friend List and get Rainbow Gems

Receive titles! Expand your Friend list!

Get titles and more space for Friends!


In addition to titles, you can also earn Rainbow Gems or expand your Friend list by clearing quests. All sorts of rewards await!


For more details, check the Area Strategy section.


When you call a Friend Captain to help you on a quest, you’ll be able to use their Captain Ability in addition to your own, so increasing your number of friends makes it easier to boost your stats in battle.


Clear areas to recruit new crewmates!

Which island does Zoro join you on...?

Which island does Zoro join you on…?


When you clear the final area of a quest, you’ll get a new crewmate with high rarity!


At “Alvida’s Hideout,” you’ll receive the two-star Coby. After Shells Town, the three-star character Roronoa Zoro will join your crew.




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