Specials and Captain Abilities


Gum Gum...!!

Gum Gum…!!


Some characters have special moves called Specials, which can be used after the character has taken a certain number of turns.


Specials can allow you to attack every enemy at once, evade damage for a turn, recover HP, modify slot types, as well as a number of other effects.


Powering Up Specials

To boost a character's Special, try a Power Up using a character with the same Special.

To boost a character’s Special, try a Power Up using a character with the same Special.


There is a fixed chance of leveling up a Special every time you combine two characters with the same Special.


Powering up a Special will decrease the number of turns needed in order to activate it and make it easier to use in battle.



Try building your crew with low-rarity healers.

Marines are recommended.

Marines are recommended.

The appearance of [RCV] slots is random, so it’s a good idea to make sure at least one crewmember can use a recovery Special.


Marines are good for this role.


They have a Special called ‘Light Healing,’ and you can easily get them as they drop often during your adventure or from the Friend Point Recruit, so it’s also fairly easy to level up the Special.


Your crew is also limited by character cost, so it can be key to choose healers with low rarity.



Captain Abilities

Chore Boy Coby's Captain Ability

Chore Boy Coby’s Captain Ability.


Choose a character with a Captain Ability as your crew’s Captain, and it will activate automatically.


Captain Abilities can do many things, such as boost the attack power of certain character types, or reduce all damage by 20%. Some Captain Abilities will automatically allow your crew to recover HP at the end of the turn.


Prioritizing Recovery and Damage Reduction.

It’s a good idea to prioritize damage reduction abilities as well as recovery abilities.


With both of those abilities in place, you’ll be able to progress on your adventure even when you can’t chain attacks well.
Players who excel at chaining attacks without getting a MISS may want to challenge themselves with a single-type party oriented towards offense abilities.


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