Tandem Attacks

Characters with a deep connection can attack together!

All ready!

All ready!


When you have the right characters in your crew, and the TND icon appears in one of their slots, you’re all ready for a tandem attack.


If you don’t have all the right characters in your crew, the numbers will not appear and tapping will result in a normal attack.


Tag team!

Tag team!



Release a powerful Tandem attack by putting together a chain. Make sure the chain order is the same as the numbers displayed over the characters, and you’ll deal a ton of damage to the enemy.


Be careful of your tap timing! You’ll need to keep your chains GOOD or better.


Check your characters’ Tandem attacks.

Tap 'Tandem'

Tap ‘Tandem’


Tap the ‘Tandem’ button in the upper right corner of a character’s ‘Details’ screen to check their Tandem combinations. Only characters who currently have Tandem attacks will have this button activated.


If you’ve already gotten the characters through your adventures or through using the Tavern, they’ll be displayed as icons. Characters you’ve never recruited before will be displayed as question marks.

Tandem attacks

Tandem attacks


Four-character tandem attack, “Gum-Gum Mouton Triple-Sword Meteor”
Three-character tandem attack, “Tornado Tabasco Pound Phoenix”

If you’re familiar with One Piece, you’ll probably be able to figure out which characters you need to complete the combo.


Helper and Friend characters can join in Tandem attacks, too!

Your friends can get in on the action!

Your friends can get in on the action!


Pulling off Tandem attacks can seem difficult because of the number of characters you’ll need to get together, but you can also carry out a Tandem attack using Friend or Helper Captains.


Try relying on your friends for support when you don’t have a character you need for a Tandem attack.



Pave the way for a Tandem attack with a Special

Change the slot to a [RCV] slot...

Change the slot to a [RCV] slot…


If you’re smart about using Specials that change slot type, you’ll be able to set yourself up for a Tandem attack.


For example, the three-star character, Tony Tony Chopper’s Special can change the adjacent characters’ slots to [RCV] slots.


...and then change the [RCV] to [TND]!

…and then change the [RCV] to [TND]!

Next, you can use the three-star character, Cabin Boy Coby’s Special to change the [RCV] slots to TND. With this combination, you’ll be able to release a Tandem attack no matter what slots you start with.



Getting Cabin Boy Coby

You'll receive Coby when you clear Alvida's Hideout.

You’ll receive Coby when you clear Alvida’s Hideout.


When you clear the Alvida’s Hideout quest, you’ll get the two-star Coby as a reward, so all you’ll need to do is evolve him into Cabin Boy Coby.


His Captain Ability will help you recover HP, so you’ve got nothing to lose by evolving him.



List of Tandem Attacks

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