Krieg’s Assault!

This time we’ll be tackling the highest difficulty of Krieg’s Assault, Krieg Attacks – Devastating.

Our Crew

Here’s our lineup! We’ve decided to fall back on our faithful fighter crew.

 Taking on Kriege with Fighter-types.

Taking on Kriege with Fighter-types.

Chef Zeff is our captain for this attack-power-focused crew of fighter class characters! His Captain Ability, Peg Leg Kick, multiplies the attack power of fighter type characters by 2.5 times. It’s a powerful buff for a fighter-based crew! For our friend captain, we’ll go with another Chef Zeff, and choose Going Merry as our ship, boosting our attack power even higher. With crew selection out of the way, we’re ready to take on Krieg’s highest difficulty!

Meanwhile, on Extra Island…

Krieg’s armada is overrunning the islands and we can be sure to face the maximum six enemies in every battle These certainly are devastating numbers!

We're outnumbered!

We’re outnumbered!

Let’s start as usual, stringing chains together and progressing through the rounds.

Finally, Don Krieg Poison Gas Bomb MH5 himself makes an appearance!

Don Krieg leading his squad!

Don Krieg leading his squad!

Just as in all the battles up to this point, there are a lot of his underlings on the field, too. We tried focusing on defeating one at a time, but found ourselves overwhelmed when all of our foes attacked at once, knocking us out in short order.



For this quest, it’s important for us to come up with a battle plan for defeating Krieg’s allies, especially during the final battle. At our current level, we probably won’t be able to do it if we focus on them individually… but maybe there’s another way.

Reworking the Crew

Well then! Without further ado, we present our strategy for facing the full force of Krieg’s numbers!

Slasher-type crew!

Slasher-type crew

We’ve made Enraged Arlong Shark on Tooth our Captain, and focused on Slasher-class characters for our crew. His Captain Ability, Frenzy, doubles the attack power of Slasher-class characters. Arlong himself is a top-rank Slasher character and boasts an impressive attack power. By getting another Arlong for our Friend Captain, we’ll be able to quadruple attack power for our crew overall. Add to that the bonus from Going Merry‘s Ship Ability, and we’re fielding a truly formidable force!

Roronoa Zoro Ashura Ichibugin, Kuro of a Hundred Plans, and Six-Sword Style Hachi are the next members to join our crew. All of them are Slasher class characters with Specials that target all enemies on the field! We don’t have time to stand around fighting each of Krieg’s allies individually, so we’re going to come prepared with a few area effect attacks, and take them out all at once!

To battle!

This time we mean business!

We’ll dive right in, defeating his underlings and making our way through the battles. This time, we’re being extra careful to prepare for the confrontation with Krieg by taking the time to charge our Specials with the limited number of turns we’ll have.

Every time we see a chance to take an extra turn, we’re going to be powering up our Specials just that little bit more. We need to keep our focus, right up until we fight Krieg himself.

Along the way, we come to a battle with several Turtles and an Armored Crab.

Now's our chance!

Now’s our chance!

The Turtles have low HP, but their attack power is pretty high! If you let your guard down, they can make things pretty bad for you, we’re going to focus on taking them out first. The Armored Crab doesn’t have as much attack power as the Turtles do, so take this chance to charge your Specials, making sure to heal yourself with meat as you go!

Then! We once more find ourselves facing Don Krieg Poison Gas Bomb MH5!

Payback time!

Payback time!

Let’s lead with Golden Pound and buy ourselves three more turns!

First off: Golden Pound!

First off: Golden Pound!

Next, let’s go ahead and attack with New Year’s Open Body Slam, Death Scoop, and our other area effect attacks!

Target: All!

Target: All!

At this point if any characters’ specials haven’t been charged yet, we should attack with them as soon as they are. Roronoa Zoro Ashura Ichibugin’s powerful Special ought to make a pretty sizeable dent in our opposition!

Zoro unleashes his awesome power!

Zoro unleashes his awesome power!

After whittling down their HP, we can start picking of Krieg’s underlings one by one, paying attention to character type as we go, and then…

We’ve finally managed to get Don Krieg Poison Gas Bomb MH5 alone!

He's backed into a corner!

He’s backed into a corner!

Krieg has pretty tough defense, so we’re going to have to string our chains together carefully and make sure every attack counts! Our battle is long, but…

Just a little more...!

Just a little more…!

At long last, Don Krieg Poison Gas Bomb MH5 is dealt the finishing blow!



Somehow we made it through! Krieg is defeated!

We managed to beat the highest difficulty!

We managed to beat the highest difficulty!

With Krieg’s Assault defeated, we get the title, “Leader”!

We got 'Leader'!

We got ‘Leader’!

There are probably a lot of other crews you could use to defeat Krieg. Go ahead and experimnt to find your own winning strategy!

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