Prison Break! Baroque Works

Prison Break!! Criminals Bentham A.K.A. Mr. 2 Bon Clay and Galdino, A.K.A. Mr. 3 have escaped from Impel Down and are on the run on Extra Island! Will you be able to take down these fugitives?

Today we’re bringing you Strategy for taking on Prison Break! Baroque Works – Freedom.

The first adventure that weakens by type…

Slashers, Strikers, and Shooters all find themselves at a disadvantage...

Slashers, Strikers, and Shooters all find themselves at a disadvantage…

Today’s quest condition saps the stats of Slashers, Strikers, and Shooters. As far as strategy goes, this means we’ll be aiming for a Fighter based crew, with the exception of non-fighters with Specials we really want to use (such as Usopp Golden Pound).

Our boss will be Escapee Bentham, and Galdino will sometimes appear as a rare sub-bosses.

Galdino is a big help...

Galdino is a big help…

Both of them will start out with pre-emptive attacks, but nothing particularly special after that, so in either case we should be fine as long as we make sure to have all of our Specials charged. Bentham will heal himself when his HP gets low, but for some reason, Galdino will turn all of our slots to [RCV] for us, so if your run into him you should have a chance to heal up for the following battles.

Things to remember for Battle 6

Take them out before they mob you!

Take them out before they mob you!

Up through Battle 5, most of our enemies had the decency to wait a little bit before attacking us, but starting from here on in, they won’t be so considerate. This batch of enemies have also got pretty high DEF, so do your best to hit them with their weak Type and get as many perfects as you can. You can easily find yourself getting knocked out by these guys if you give them the chance.

Escapee Bentham



We took a fair bit of damage on the way here, but we made it through to the boss. Bon-chan a.k.a. “Bentham” is going to pre-emptively use the power of the Oh Come My Way to boost the ATK and DEF of his entourage for three turns.

We couldn't Heal fast enough...

We couldn’t Heal fast enough…

We made our best attempt, chipping away at them and then using Doctor Hogback‘s Zombie Marionette Operation to cut the damage from their first attack, but in the end it wasn’t enough. We just took too much damage before getting here. Not only that, but when Bentham gets down to low HP, he attacks for 9,000 damage, binding half your crew for 12 turns with Escape Dance: Swan Arabesque, so we’re going to need to be careful next time.

Escape Dance

Escape Dance

Evening the Odds…

With the last run in mind, we went back to the drawing board to come up with a crew that can take on this dangerous mob of prisoners!

A crew that can take care of that entourage for us...

A crew that can take care of that entourage for us…

For our Capitan this time, we’re going to go with Petty Officer Coby, with Jimbe Warlord of the Sea as our Friend Captain since they work so well together. Combining both of their Captain Abilities will let us boost Fighter type ATK five times. Not only that, but Coby’s Shave Special will boost slot effects for two turns, giving us an excellent trump card for the end of the battle.

Next, we’re going to want to use Sanji Diable Jambe and Laboon (Luffy’s Drawing)‘s Specials, both of which target all enemies. The battles all get tougher starting at Battle 6, so we’ll have to charge them as best we can and then use them when it becomes necessary.

Finally, we’ll keep Doctor Hogback along, and use his Special to take the edge off Bentham’s attacks after he boosts himself.

Time to take in these fugitives once and for all!

Sanji and Laboon’s Specials are going to be crucial this time, so you’re going to want to take as much time as you can to charge your Specials in Battles 1-5. You’ll get turtles in Battles 1 and 2, so make good use of them.

 Make the best use you can of the turtles.

Make the best use you can of the turtles.

And remember, the sub boss Bentham will heal himself if you knock him down to low HP, so use that to charge all of your specials if you can manage.

Bentham will heal himself back to 70%

Bentham will heal himself back to 70%

Finally. We’ve made it back to Battle 6. You can use a Special to get you through this one a bit more easily, but we really want to hold onto our specials for the Boss. It may be a little tough, but try to beat them the old fashioned way: with careful targeting and careful timing.

The tough battle.

The tough battle.

Our rematch with Bentham!

At long last we find ourselves once more facing the hardened criminal Bentham. He’ll try to protect his followers with Oh Come My Way again, but this time we’re ready! It’s time to hit them with Diable Jambe and Sorrowful Charge, neatly putting the odds back in our favor.

We're feeling a lot better about six against one...

We’re feeling a lot better about six against one…

It’s a pretty short battle after this! If we let him hit us while he’s got that ATK boost, he’ll deal more than 8,000 damage, so let’s be sure to use Hogback’s Zombie Marionette Operation to weather the hit. After that, just hit him until his HP level is juuust this side of ‘low,’ preferably before ours gets too depleted. Do your best to watch your timing and attack order to take advantage of Type weakness.

Zombie Marionette Operation

Zombie Marionette Operation

Now we’ve finally got him just where we want him, with two turns left before his next attack, and it’s time to use Coby’s Special to boost our slot effects! There’s no way we can lose!

Give hime everything we've got!

Give him everything we’ve got!”

…and with that, we’ve defeated Bentham!



We got a new title, Oh Come My Way!

We got a title!

We got a Title!

There are all kinds of different crews you could use to defeat Bentham. One-Hit Namule would make a great Captain or Friend Captain, and with the boost to ATK and HP you might even find Battle 6 pretty easy to get through! If you happen to have him, then put in Monkey D. Luffy Gear 3 and switch out Laboon in favor of Usopp Golden Pound. Be sure to try a bunch of different lineups and figure out what works for you!

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