Recomended Characters

“I don’t know how to build a strong crew.”

“Which characters will be the most help to me on my adventure?”


If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, and want to build a strategic crew, we’ll be introducing a few characters you’ll want to consider.

The rare character you received for your first Rare Recruit.


When you first begin playing Treasure Cruise, you have a chance to do one Rare Recruit.
You might even get a Super Ultra Rare right off the bat!
Get your hands on a strong character and build a powerful crew.


A character you’ll definitely want to add to your crew include:


・No.76 ”Shanks



Shanks’ Captain Ability, “Hidden Aura” will double the attack power of PSY type characters.
His Special, “Conqueror’s Haki” will let you claim an immediate and decisive victory by dealing damage to every enemy at once!
He’s indispensable for quests with a large number of INT type enemies.
Make him your captain and build a crew around him!


Excellent Healers


You’ll need more than powerful attacks to move forward on your adventure.
There are times it’s going to be crucial for you to pick up meat and recover your HP!


Let’s add a few characters who excel at healing instead of fighting!


Our recommendations are:


・No.21 “Tony Tony Chopper



・No.23 ”Tony Tony Chopper – Brain Point



・No.40 ”Gaimon



For recovery, Tony Tony Chopper – Brain Point‘s Special, “Scope” and
Tony Tony Chopper‘s Special, “Hearty Yell” can change the neighboring characters’ slots to [RCV].


Gaimon‘s “[RCV] Slot Storm” has the same effect.

Gaimon is easy to get in Orange Town.

The finishing touch to your Strategic Crew


Finally, there are several characters we can recommend for their versatility in a variety of situations.


・No.15 ”Usopp – Golden Pound



Usopp – Golden Pound‘s Special of the same name will delay every enemy’s turn by three.
Get the timing right and this ability will be a huge advantage to you on your adventure. Be sure to invite Usopp to join your crew.


You’ll receive ‘Usopp‘ as a reward for clearing the Syrup Village quest.

Power him up and evolve him to get Usopp – Golden Pound.


There are many other characters who will prove to be great help to you on your adventure. Find the one who works best for you and bring them along!

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