Shandia – Dreams of a Homeland!

A mysterious vine has sprung from the ground on Extra Island, disappearing into the clouds above! Have you faced the warriors in the sky?

This time we’re bringing you a strategy to face Shandia- Dreams of a Homeland on the toughest difficulty, Great Hope.

Unfamiliar Ground

Blue-Sea People need not apply.

Blue-Sea People need not apply.

This quest takes place in the Sky Islands, so we’ll be up against a map effect that saps strength from Blue-Sea folk, but we’ve put together a crew that can make up for that with stat-boosting Captain Abilities and some excellent slot control.

Our lineup.

Our lineup.

For our Captain and Friend Captain, we’re calling in Garp the Fist, with combined Captain Abilities that will quadruple our ATK and HP. Next, we’ve put together a trio to make sure we get the most out of the ATK boost from our slots. Mr. 2 Bon Clay‘s Special will let us turn the [PSY] and [RCV] slots from the Garps’ Special into a full slate of [PSY] slots, and Petty Officer Coby‘s will enhance our slots for two whole turns. Usopp Golden Pound is providing the excellent support he’s known for, and Dismantler Franky‘s Special will let us put our [PSY] slots where they’ll benefit us the most.

The Sky’s the Limit

Blue-Sea People need not apply.

Blue-Sea People need not apply.

The time’s come to set off! For the most part, the battles leading up to the Boss are not difficult. The chief danger and obstacle is going to be the generally large number of enemies with short attack intervals. Most of the enemies you face will start off with only one turn left until they attack. Not finishing them all off can result in taking a lot of damage if several attack you at once, and even if you avoid this, it will be difficult to find chances to charge your Specials, so taking a crew with fairly levelled Specials will really help you here.

Large numbers, small attack intervals...

Large numbers, small attack intervals…

In Battle 5, Genbou shows up, looking for Aisa. With fairly high HP and long attack intervals, this may be your best chance to charge your Specials. Save meat to replenish your HP as you go along, and stall as much as you can without taking too much damage.

Genbou will use Smoke Bazooka on you shortly after the start of the battle, Blinding you for four turns, and be careful: when his HP gets low, he’ll hit you with High Caliber Bazooka for 10,000 damage, so you’ll want to finish him off before that happens.

Smoke Bazooka!

Smoke Bazooka!

The search for Aisa continues in Battle 7, when Kamakiri shows up, using Burn Blade to lock two of your team members for two turns. We’ll fight this battle with the same eye towards preserving HP and charging our Specials as we had in the battle with Genbou. After defeating, Kamakiri, you’ll have two more battles before the boss, and one more chance (in the form of a turtle) to Charge your Specials before…

Laki makes her appearance…

Laki shows up with a large entourage of Shandian warriors in tow. It looks like Aisa hasn’t been found yet, and she’s pretty upset. She’ll use Disrupting Fire right away and boost the Shandians’ resistance to PSY attacks. Due to how many allies she has with her and their short attack intervals, we’re asking for trouble if we don’t do something about them right away. Go ahead and use Golden Pound to buy some time and then start chipping away at Laki’s allies.

Let's even the odds, first...

Let’s even the odds, first…

Once we’ve got Laki on her own, it’s time to set up our victory strike. Go ahead and use Garp, Bon Clay, and Coby to give yourself a full slate of [PSY] slots and enhance your slot effects for two turns.


Finish Her!


If you stay on top of the timing, you might even be able to beat Laki with just one turn of Boosted attacks, but if you don’t quite make it, you can use the second Garp’s Special on the next turn and use Franky’s Special to arrange the [PSY] slots where they can do your ATK stat the most good. You’ll still be benefiting from the enhanced slot effects Coby’s Special gave you, so one more good turn of attack ought to do it. Be careful, though, if she gets down to low HP, she’ll start using Disrupting Fire every turn, damaging you and changing all of your slots to [TND] or [BLANK].



We successfully defeated Laki and earned a new Title!

The crew we used to defeat Laki is only one of many different crews you can use to clear this quest, so go ahead and see what works for you!

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