Supersonic Duck Squad!

The Supersonic Duck Squadron is conducting their practice exercises on Extra Island! Don’t miss your chance to recruit one of them for your crew!

This time we’re bringing you a Strategy to face the fearsome Supersonic Duck Squadron on their highest difficulty, Zoom!!

New Conditions

The Supersonic Duck Squadron has thorough control of the battlefield in this quest, and we’ll find our slots dominated by [RCV] slots for the duration of the battle.

Not only that, but on the very first turn, the Unluckies are going to hit us with a Super RCV Down, knocking our RCV stat down to almost nothing. That’s going to mean that even with all the extra meat, we’ll have our hands full trying to keep our HP up.

RCV up!

Putting together our own Squad

To face this battle, we’re going to need a squad of our own, so we put one together with a mind to surviving and making the most of the slot situation.

Our Squad.

For our Captain, we’ve got Buggy the Clown, whose Captain Ability will double our ATK, and who’s got a Special that’s going to turn all those [RCV] slots into a big power boost for this INT type team.

Next, for our Friend Captain, we’ve got Sir Crocodile, bringing us up to 4x ATK and doing his part to preserve our HP with a Captain Ability that cuts damage by 20%.

For the rest, we want to aim for a good balance of high ATK with the need for some recovery and defensive abilities. Our line up is Great Advisor Tsuru, who will provide healing in a pinch, Gecco Moria, who’s defensive abilities are sure to come in handy, and Nami Thunderbolt Tempo and Mr. 3 Extra Special Candelabra, who have respectable ATK scores.

To Battle

Right off the bat we find ourselves pre-emptively hit for almost all of our HP. With the RCV reduction it’s going to be hard to recover from this, so we need to make restoring HP our first priority, with not taking damage a very close second. You’ll really need to keep an eye on your targets during this quest. Don’t let the auto-target get the best of you: make sure you’re taking out the enemies with the shortest attack intervals and most powerful attacks first.

It begins.

In their base, killing their ducks…

The battles leading up to the boss will typically have a large number of enemies, many with low starting attack intervals. Remember to choose your targets wisely, and make sure you’re still picking up meat to keep you HP up. Being careful is the key to seeing your way through.

Formidable numbers…

In addition to the large groups of enemies, you’ll face one or more sub bosses on your way to the final battle. The sub bosses come in three flavors, with a bonus rare boss consisting of all three sub bosses and Karoo together. The first three are various members of the Supersonic Duck Squadron. You shouldn’t have much trouble with these fights.

The squad…

They’ll start out by hitting half of your crew with Bind and flipping all of your slots to [RCV]. Just heal yourself and hit them for as much as you can while you wait for the Bind to wear off. They don’t have that much HP or ATK so you should be able to take care of them easily if you’ve kept up your HP.

…is back together.

The fourth, rare sub boss will be a little more difficult. We’ll want to take out Karoo first, because he’ll buff his friends if left to his own devices. After that, just fight as usual, keeping up your HP and trying to eliminate as many enemies as possible without taking damage.

Supersonic Squad Boss, Karoo

Karoo is going to start out with a pre-emptive attack that hits us for around 3,000 damage, so be sure you’ve got at least that much HP going in or this will be a short battle.

Fearless Leader.

As in the battles we just fought, resilience is the name of the game here, so we dive right in and start chipping away at Karoo’s HP while carefully curating [RCV] slots and using our Specials for Healing / Defense to make sure we can keep hanging in there. You’re going to need all the healing you can get since Karoo will start boosting his ATK every other turn.

Now might be a good time to get one extra turn out of Mr. 3′s Extra Special Candelabra, but hold onto Golden Pound, we’ll be needing it in a moment.

Setting up the final strike…

Watch Karoo’s HP carefully. If it gets too low, he’s going to call in the Supersonic Duck Squad for support, to the tune of 10,000+ damage. A hit like that will kill us in one go, so once his HP starts getting low, we’re going to use Golden Pound to buy ourselves some time. It shouldn’t take too long to get a full or almost full slate of [RCV] slots, and we’re going to use Chop Chop Festival to turn them into a full slate of ATK-boosting [INT] slots. As long as we don’t MISS our chain, we should be able to deal Karoo the finishing blow.

Get Title!

Victory! We’ve bested the renowned Supersonic Duck Squadron and won ourselves a new title!

There are many different crew configuration you can use to beat Karoo, so try out some of your own. Nico Robin would be an excellent choice for this crew as well, with high HP and an excellent Special for boosting INT characters’ ATK. Experiment a bit and find the crew that works best for you!

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