T-Bone’s Absolute Justice: Amity!

Captain T-Bone has arrived on Extra Island! Has everyone given it a shot yet? Today, we are bringing you the guide for this quest’s highest difficulty, T-Bone’s Absolute Justice: Amity!

3-Type Restricted Quest

3 Types Only!

3 Types Only!

It’s been quite a while since we had a Type restricted quest, but at least we are left with three different Types we can use this time. We can challenge this quest with QCK, PSY, and INT types, but to take on T-Bone who’s lying in wait at the end of the quest, we decided on an INT-Type crew.

Beware of the Corporal and Major!

The Knuckle Corporal, Bazooka Major and other marines we met back in Enies Lobby are back to bother us in this quest from Battle 1 to Battle 5. You’ll need to be on your best guard going against these guys, as they will knock your HP down and Remove SFX when they are near death.

Don't underestimate these guys!

Don’t underestimate these guys!

Battle 6! Mid-Boss STR-Type Jerry!

We met with Jerry from CP6 in Battle 6. We didn’t really face too much trouble by the time we reached Battle 6, so we didn’t think Jerry would be much of a problem. But we were wrong. Jerry’s pre-emptive Aurora Flicker Jab: Bind INT! had our entire crew stuck in Bind for 2 turns!

Jerry's Aurora Flicker Jab

Jerry’s Aurora Flicker Jab

In spite of our dangerous situation, we were able to break through and use Great Advisor Tsuru‘s Cleansing Wash to replenish our HP. We also got lucky with some RCV slots!

Jerry is a force to be reckoned with!

Jerry is a force to be reckoned with!

T-Bone welcomed us to Battle 7 with a pre-emptive Can’t be KO’d for 5 Turns! All we could do was use our normal attacks and wait it out.

T-Bone Can’t be KO'd for 5 Turns!

T-Bone Can’t be KO’d for 5 Turns!

As tough as our situation had become, we launched Sir Crocodile‘s Poison Needle and got T-Bone’s HP down to a sliver. Victory was ours!

But T-Bone didn’t let us off that easy. He used his Right Angle Flying Bird Bone: Bird of Prey Special, and nailed us with a whopping 5,000 damage. Oh, the pain…

Right Angle Flying Bird Bone: Bird of Prey

Right Angle Flying Bird Bone: Bird of Prey

We launched the rest of our Specials and were right on the verge of winning, when T-Bone came back again with yet another Right Angle Flying Bird Bone: Bird of Prey. And we were so close…

A painful loss...

A painful loss…

Also, T-Bone likes to use Absolute Resolve when he’s about to lose, making him invincible for 2 turns and replenishing his HP by 1/3rd! If that happens, you might as well start digging your own grave.

T-Bone can't be damaged for two turns!

T-Bone can’t be damaged for two turns!

The Crew to withstand the enemy

We learned something else after our loss and having attempted this quest quite a few times. Jerry’s pre-emptive attack in Battle 6 has a few variations. One Binds INT-Types for 2 turns, one affixes [BLOCK] slots to PSY-Types, and one greatly reduces damage from QCK characters. So we put together a crew that could deal with this, and here it is!

Your pre-emptive attacks got nothin'!

Your Pre-emptive attacks got nothin’!

We used Flower Sword Vista as both of our Captains, and made up the rest of our crew with mainly INT-Type characters. With a 4x ATK boost and over 30,000 HP, this crew should be able to handle the battles ahead pretty well. If you put Usopp Golden Pound in your crew, you can defend against Jerry’s INT-Type bind with Usopp’s Special. Since Usopp is a Psy-Type, the INT-Type Bind won’t affect him. If Jerry does the [BLOCK] slot trick on PSY-Types, no need to worry since it won’t affect your Captain Abilities. No QCK-Types to fall for Jerry’s Reduce QCK-Type ATK Damage skill either!

For the rest of your INT-Type characters, Mr. 3 Extra Special Candelabra is recommended for his high stats as well as a Special that Delays, and Daz Bones, Convict Mr. 1 will make a nice addition to boost your Slasher-Class Vistas’ ATK.

Charge your Specials for the Boss fight!

There will be a lot of pigs and turtles in the battles ahead, so take the opportunity to charge your Specials! Missing with Usopp works like a charm!

Attack the pigs with Usopp!

Attack the pigs with Usopp!

T-Bone comes to save his men in a Rare-Battle!

T-Bone sometimes gets antsy and will appear sometime before Battle 7. He will replenish his men’s HP to full, leave his Wanted Poster or Treasure Chest, and run away. Watch out if this happens because now you’ll be faced with more powerful enemies than usual.

He's not as scary as he looks

He’s not as scary as he looks

This time, Jerry attacked with his Huge damage cut for QCK moves!, and we followed that up with Mr. 3′s Extra Special Candelabra to Delay him. If you’re lucky with your slots, you should be able to defeat Jerry within 3 turns. If your INT-Types get hit with Bind in this battle, then you can just use Usopp’s Special instead!

Delay with Mr. 3!...if you can

Delay with Mr. 3!…if you can

Time to take on Captain T-Bone

Battle 7

Battle 7

We made it to Battle 7 with T-Bone. We had to rush ourselves last time with the little HP we had, but with this crew we can withstand T-Bone’s normal attacks for quite some time. Just remember that he’ll do around 5,000 damage to you with his Special, so let’s aim to get his HP down so that he’s just before being on the verge of death by the 5th turn.

Let's heal with meat, just in case.

Let’s heal with meat, just in case.

5 turns have passed and it’s time we K.O. this Captain! If you’re not able to take him out here, better hope you still have Usopp’s Special cause that might be the only thing to save you. Boost Slashers’ ATK with Cruel Blade: Iron Guard and use Vista’s Rose Rondo, cause it would be a waste not too! Lastly, don’t Miss and aim for Perfects!

Go ahead and spam those Specials!

Go ahead and spam those Specials!

We were able to defeat T-Bone before he went A-WALL on us!

In-justice wins!

In-justice wins!

We successfully recruited T-Bone and got a new title, Ship Cutter!

Join us, T-Bone!

Join us, T-Bone!

New title

New title

Other crews might work well in this quest also. If you were lucky enough to get Trebol through Rare-Recruit, then try adding Nico Robin, who can double INT-type characters’ ATK, and Mont Blanc Noland who can increase the effects of your slots, to make for quite a powerful Cerebral Crew!

Even if you can’t K.O. T-Bone with normal attacks, Sir Crocodile‘s Poison can do wonders for your strategy! You’ll have [RCV] and [TND] slots working as matching slots too, so bring Usopp, like in the crew we made above, and you shouldn’t have to worry about low ATK. Try different strategies and see what works for you!

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